Region Quarterfinals

The International Speech Contest begins at the club level and proceeds through Area, Division, and District. Following the District-level speech contest, videos of each District’s first-place winner are submitted for the region quarterfinals level.

To ensure that District winners can participate in region quarterfinals, Districts must video record the International Speech Contest at their District conference. Video of the first-place winner must be submitted to World Headquarters within one week of the District conference.

More information, including recording requirements, is available in the Speech Contest Rulebook and in the region quarterfinals FAQ.

Program Quality Directors should take the lead on ensuring all rules are followed during the International Speech Contest. Use this checklist to ensure all required steps have been followed.

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Region Quarterfinals Timeline

Conferences take place in March through May, based on the schedule determined by District leadership. View the timeline below to see the roles and responsibilities of contestants and District leaders, as well as the judging process.

District Leaders

Program Quality Directors (PQDs) will receive information about the video submission process, along with tips to help ensure videos meet all requirements. The PQD must review the Speech Contest Rulebook and ensure they are familiar with video recording requirements.