Toastmasters Podcast #253

Meet the Resilient Shawn Ellis: 2024 International Convention Keynote Speaker

Get to know Shawn Ellis, the 2024 Toastmasters International Convention keynote speaker. He shares his journey of resilience and adaptability and the nuggets of wisdom he has acquired over the years.

To get even more of a sneak peek at his keynote, read the June 2024 Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #252

Leading Successful Teams Like a Master Gardener – Lauren Parsons

In this episode, Lauren Parsons explains how building and leading successful teams is similar to being a master gardener. Parsons explains how to develop a proverbial green thumb through a better understanding of elements of leadership. She dissects these further in her Toastmaster magazine article, “Lead Like a Master Gardener”.


Toastmasters Podcast #251

Cultivating Your Authentic Self as a Speaker – Elizabeth Danziger

Elizabeth Danziger helps listeners understand what it means to be authentic as a speaker and how to build authenticity while avoiding the pitfalls of coming across as inauthentic to an audience. For more tips, read her article in the January 2024 Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #250

500 Lunches with Strangers: Breaking Bread for Personal Growth – Nick Bendel

Imagine having lunch with 500 strangers to enhance your social skills, fortify your mindset, expand your network, and unlock new opportunities. In the 250th episode, delve into Nick Bendel’s journey of doing just this.

Read more about Bendel and his lunches in the April 2024 issue of the Toastmaster.


Toastmasters Podcast #249

Group Wisdom: Reading The Toastmaster Aloud – Dorothy Chanakira and Viola Dondo

In this episode, Dorothy Chanakira, DTM, and Viola Dondo, DTM, explain their creative approach to sharing the Toastmaster magazine. They established an online group where participants give a toast to Toastmasters each month and engage in in-depth discussions after reading aloud articles from the magazine.

To learn more about Toast & Read, read this article from the January 2023 Toastmaster.


Toastmasters Podcast #248

How One Person Beat Burnout Through Personal Daily Routines – Olya Amelina

If you’re feeling emotionally or physically drained or mentally exhausted, you may be suffering from burnout—and you’re not alone. Olya Amelina has been there, rebuilt her life from scratch, and began a career as a health and performance coach. Listen to this episode to hear about her journey and how you can turn it all around.

For more tips from Amelina, read her article in the January 2024 issue of the Toastmaster, “Finding a Balance to Beat Burnout”.


Toastmasters Podcast #247

Improv: Laugh While Flexing Your Spontaneous Speaking Skills – Karen Rae Hannah

Improvisation—or improv—the art of saying or doing something relevant to the moment, yet completely unplanned, is a great way to get people laughing and flexing their spontaneous speaking skills. In this episode, meet Karen Rae Hannah, a 16-year Toastmaster who belongs to five clubs, two of which are dedicated to humor and improv.

In this lighthearted episode, Hannah gives her take on what improv is and explains how it’s integrated into her club meetings. To learn more, read the article “Improv-ing Club Meetings”.


Toastmasters Podcast #246

The Roast: Lightheartedly "Grilling" the Person of Honor – Chris Arning

A roast is something you can bake in the oven, but it’s also a humorous way to honor an individual by poking fun at them in a good-natured way. On this episode, Chris Arning demystifies and enlightens listeners on this time-honored topic. He shares his recipe for what a good roast is and how roasts can be used within Toastmasters and the outside world.

For more grilling tips, read “Fire Up the Lectern!” in the February 2024 Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #245

Meet the Newest Toastmasters International Accredited Speakers 2023

Stephanie Angelo, Verity Price, DTM, and Dale Rees-Bevan are the most recent three of only 93 individuals to earn the Accredited Speaker designation, after they secured their places at the Toastmasters 2023 International Convention.

In this episode, hear their interesting stories and pick up some valuable tips. For more about these women, read the article featuring them in the January 2024 Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #244

Handling Presentation Misfortunes & Mishaps with Grace – Jim Cathcart

Even when you've thoroughly prepared for a presentation, things can go awry that you could never possibly anticipate. Jim Cathcart has faced the impossibly unpredictable countless times. He joins the podcast to share his stories, strategies, and mindset for handling the unexpected with grace.

Reach Cathcart’s article “Expect the Unexpected” in the December 2023 issue of the Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #243

My Toastmasters Education is like a College Degree – Philip Wilkerson III

In this episode, Philip Wilkerson III likens his four years of Toastmasters membership to being equivalent to receiving a college degree. He shares how he came up with the idea to charter a virtual club—Alpha Toastmasters 1906—by recruiting members from Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate Black fraternity, whose past members include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Owens, Thurgood Marshall, and Lionel Ritchie.

Learn more about Wilkerson’s career, podcast, and Toastmasters journey in his December “My Turn.”


Toastmasters Podcast #242

Finding Her Voice and Purpose Creates a Path of Opportunities – Kelly Kaur

People find their voice and purpose in many different ways. Kelly Kaur found hers through storytelling, writing, overcoming adversity, and Toastmasters speech competitions. Learn how this 15-year Toastmaster became a fiction writer and how the word “no” has had a powerful impact on her life.

Read more about Kaur in the Toastmaster magazine article ”Path of Opportunities.”


Toastmasters Podcast #241

AI, Authenticity, and … Stand-Up Comedy? - Aman Chopra

Aman Chopra is a public speaking coach, stand-up comedian, and a recent graduate from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering where he explored the intersection of emerging media technologies and live performance. On this podcast episode, Chopra enlightens listeners with stories of mixing artificial intelligence (AI) with live stand-up comedy and provides insights into the role of learning in supportive communities and how he's pursuing stand-up comedy as a gateway to new levels of authenticity.


Toastmasters Podcast #240

Jocelyn B. Tyson - 2023 World Champion of Public Speaking

Jocelyn Tyson won the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking® in August 2023. The podcast hosts speak with this first-time speech contest competitor about her journey. You'll learn about the additional pressures Tyson was facing at the time of the competition, the back story behind her championship-winning speech, and much more.

To learn more about Tyson and the other finalists, read about them in the November Toastmaster.


Toastmasters Podcast #239

Finding Confidence & Enhancing My Career on Two Continents – Jane Osemwegie, DTM

In this episode, host Greg Gazin, DTM, speaks with Jane Osemwegie, DTM, who says her life was changed by Toastmasters. Osemwegie shares how the organization helped her with confidence building, career enhancement, and transformation.

Read about her journey from growing up in Nigeria to moving to Canada in the October 2023 issue of the Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #238

Take a Stand for the Brand: Why Brand Consistency Matters – Mayuri Assudani, DTM

While most organizations recognize the importance of brand consistency and uniformity, getting everyone on board to follow brand guidelines can be a challenge. Mayuri Assudani, DTM, single-handedly took a stand for the Toastmasters brand, cascading brand awareness through her entire District through a live competition.

Assudani also wrote about her experience in the Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #237

Loosening the Grip on Impostor Syndrome – Dr. Valerie Young

For some of us, impostor syndrome is an obstacle that gets in the way of being an effective leader. In this episode, Dr. Valerie Young helps demystify this topic to loosen the grip this phenomenon can have on us. Dr. Young is a featured expert in a Toastmaster magazine article titled “The Secret to Confidently Humble Leadership” and an internationally recognized expert on impostor syndrome.


Toasmasters Podcast #236

Never Close the Circle—2023-24 International President Morag Mathieson, DTM

Meet Morag Mathieson, DTM, the 2023–2024 Toastmasters International President living in Germany. Mathieson is Toastmasters’ second-ever International President from Europe, and the first female International President from outside North America. In this episode, Mathieson shares insights on her Toastmasters journey, her leadership philosophy, and her post-pandemic vision for the organization.

The Toastmaster magazine featured Mathieson in the September 2023 issue.


Toasmasters Podcast #235

Think Faster, Talk Smarter in the Moment – Matt Abrahams

Spontaneous or impromptu speaking is something we have to do every day. Returning to the podcast for the fifth time is Matt Abrahams, a 2023 Toastmasters International Convention speaker. Abrahams has dedicated his career to assisting others with their communication. In this episode, he explains mindset and message—two critical elements of spontaneous speaking.

Learn more about Abrahams’ simple structures to sharpen your message in his September Toastmaster magazine article.


Toasmasters Podcast #234

The Practice of Podcasting – Tara McMullin

You've heard of a meditation practice, a yoga practice, or a writing practice. What about a podcast practice? Tara McMullin—a podcast fanatic and audio aficionado—suggests this approach to podcasting. She demystifies how to do so and along the way shares her passion for the medium. This episode is a follow-up to McMullin's article in the August 2023 issue of the Toastmaster magazine, "Put Your Podcast in Practice."


Toasmasters Podcast #233

2023 Hybrid International Convention – Nassau, Bahamas – Tony Longley, DTM, and Pamela D. Rolle, DTM

Chairing a Toastmasters International Convention can be a rewarding experience and combining that journey with a three-decade-long friendship can enhance the magic even more. In this episode, convention co-chairs Tony Longley, DTM, and Pamela D. Rolle, DTM, discuss what they've learned and how Toastmasters has played a role in their development. They also enlighten us with little-known facts about The Bahamas. You can read more about these talented Toastmasters in the Toastmaster magazine.


Toasmasters Podcast #232

Keeping Burnout At Bay: Advice from a Strategic Business Coach — Sara Mayer

Are you overwhelmed? Could you be at risk of burnout? Sara Mayer, DTM, has the know-how and tips to help you keep burnout at bay. Mayer is a strategic business consultant and the CEO of Sara Mayer Consulting. She believes you can set and crush bold goals without working double-time or burning out.

Read more tips from Mayer in her July 2023 Toastmaster magazine article.


Toastmasters Podcast #231

Traveling Internationally? Experience Toastmasters on Vacation – Maureen Zappala, DTM

Traveling outside of our home country can open our eyes to a whole new world of experiences, especially for Toastmasters, given there are clubs located all over the world. Maureen Zappala, DTM, has connected with several members with Toastmasters-inspired experiences and stories, which she shares in this episode and in her June 2023 Toastmaster magazine article. She also offers tips for enhancing your travel abroad by visiting clubs and making new connections.


Toastmasters Podcast #230

Small Talk, Big Results – Diane Windingland

If you're like many people, you may find small talk awkward or uncomfortable. If so, Diane Windingland, DTM, has your back for your next party, social, or networking event. Windingland offers a plethora of tips to help you make the most of small talk and maximize your chances of progressing to more meaningful conversations. For more advice, read her article, “7 Tips to Brush Up Your Small Talk”.


Toastmasters Podcast #229

Mastering the Toast—CHEERS! – Eddie Rice

A toast is simply a short speech, yet many fail to master the art. All you have to do is scroll through YouTube to witness the number of disasters that occur from a simple raising of a glass. In this episode, hosts Greg and Ryan speak with “toast master” and Toastmaster Eddie Rice. Rice explains what a toast is and offers advice on preparing and delivering one. Rice’s article, "It’s Your Turn to Toast," is in the June 2023 issue of the Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #228

Understanding and Celebrating Neurodiversity – Jolene Stockman, DTM

Jolene Stockman, DTM, speaks on her personal story of discovering and embracing her autism diagnosis. Stockman explains how Toastmasters offered her brain the perfect environment and program and why she prefers to be called “autistic” rather than a “person with autism.” You can read her article, “Learning to Love My Autistic Identity” in the May 2023 issue of the Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #227

Defying Dad’s Expectations Leads to Flourishing Leadership - Diana Robertson

As a teenager, Diana Robertson was crushed when her father told her she didn't have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. She set out to show him otherwise. In this episode, this once shy introverted young woman shares how she overcame challenges through a mix of determination and help from Toastmasters in both Russia and the U.K. Learn more about Robertson in the February 2023 issue of the Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #226

Tone-Up Your Voice – Jillian Mitchell

Do you love the sound of your own voice? Whether you do or not, Jillian Mitchell, a vocal coach and voice advocate, believes everyone has a unique vocal "sound print," and that with practice your voice can become more open and resonant. Mitchell explores all-things tone, including what makes your voice unique and how you can unblock your voice to improve your vocal quality. She even guides the hosts through a fun vocal exercise that listeners can try out for themselves. Interested in learning more and trying a vocal exercise? Read Mitchell’s article in the Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #225

This is Us – The Toastmasters Podcast – Greg Gazin and Ryan Levesque

Distinguished Toastmasters Greg Gazin and Ryan Levesque offer insight as a follow-up to the March 2023 article in the Toastmaster magazine, “Tune In to The Toastmasters Podcast.” The hosts share their experiences, starting with how the podcast began, the partnership with the Toastmaster magazine, the show's raison d'être, and more.


Toastmasters Podcast #224

Reinvigorate Yourself After Retirement – Jean Small, DTM, Ph.D.

Many people in their retirement years may not know what to do with themselves. Some may feel a loss of purpose because they defined themselves by their jobs, or feel they are too old to do new things. In this episode, meet Jean Small, DTM, Ph.D. After retiring in 2003 at the age of 68, she then joined a Toastmasters club in Jamaica. In 2021, she joined a club in Haiti to continue practicing her French by giving speeches. Small, now 88, is highlighted in the March 2023 issue of the Toastmaster magazine, “5 Ways to Reinvigorate Yourself After Retirement.”


Toastmasters Podcast #223

Breathe Life into Your Slide Presentations – David Henson

Are your slides sucking the life from your presentations? Fear not! David Henson has spent over 30 years on slide design, and he can help you turn your nightmarish deck into a dream. Known as The Slide Presentation Man, Henson runs masterclasses to teach people how to step up their presenting game and become effective visual communicators. For more tips on creating strong slides, read his article in the Toastmaster.


Toastmasters Podcast #222

Enhance Any Presentation with Clown Presence – Don Colliver

Clowning around in school or around the office can get you into a little hot water, but in this episode Don Colliver shares how “clown presence” can take your presentations to the next level. Colliver is a trainer, professional speaker, and author of Wink: Transforming Public Speaking with Clown Presence. He provides three specific techniques for incorporating inclusive clown humor into your next presentation even if you feel you don’t have a funny bone in your body. Read more on this topic in his January 2023 Toastmaster magazine article, “Clowning Around.”


Toastmasters Podcast #221

Leveraging Emerging Research & Insights from Future-Self Science—Ryan Levesque

Toastmasters Podcast co-host Ryan Levesque, DTM, speaks about his January 2023 Toastmaster magazine article, “Meet Your Future Self—Today”. In the article and this podcast episode, Levesque shares his insights from the emerging field of future-self science and offers practical suggestions for applying the concept.


Toastmasters Podcast #220

Introducing Kevin Snyder, Toastmasters' Newest Accredited Speaker

Kevin Snyder, DTM, earned the prestigious Accredited Speaker designation at the 2022 Toastmasters International Convention, becoming one of only 90 individuals to receive the accreditation since the program began in 1981. Outside of speaking and writing, Snyder’s personal “claim to fame” is that he lived his childhood dream of meeting Bob Barker and winning big on the television game show The Price is Right. Hear about that in his interview along with a taste of his incredible journey. Learn more about him in his Accredited Speaker profile.


Toastmasters Podcast #219

From Quiet Engineer to Passionate Podcast Host – Cristóbal Colón

Cristóbal Colón shares his incredible journey of taking his passion for Toastmasters and podcasting and transforming himself from a quiet engineer to podcast host. He also shares how living through Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria factored into his decision to finally start his podcast and enlightens listeners on how podcasting has improved his speaking skills and more. You can also read about his experience in the Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #218

Using Metaphors to Power Up Your Presentations – Oscar Santolalla, DTM

When used effectively, metaphors are magic spells of communication; visual eye candy that cements the connection between you and your audience while doubling as powerful tools of persuasion. In this episode, speaker and author Oscar Santolalla, DTM, enlightens listeners on how and why we should use metaphors in our presentations.


Toastmasters Podcast #217

Proper Name Pronunciation Makes a World of Difference – Fiona Price, Ph.D.

Pronouncing names properly has always been worth paying attention to, but with ongoing globalization, it has become more important than ever. In this episode, Fiona Swee-Lin Price, Ph.D., a cross-cultural communication specialist, award-winning keynote speaker, and name expert shares her tips for name pronunciation, especially with names derived from languages we do not speak.


Toastmasters Podcast #216

Cyril Junior Dim - 2022 World Champion of Public Speaking

In this episode, meet 2022 World Champion of Public Speaking Cyril Junior Dim, and learn about the journey that led him from Zimbabwe to Poland, to Toastmasters, and then to the world stage. Also, hear about his winning speech, "Ndini," and discover some of the unique, non-traditional ways he rehearsed, obtained feedback, and more. You can read about Dim and the other two winners in this Toastmaster magazine article.


Toastmasters Podcast #215

Meet "The Irish Oracle" – Ted Corcoran, Past International President

Ted Corcoran, DTM, has left an indelible impact on the history of Toastmasters. Not only did he serve as an International President, but he helped originate what became known as the Distinguished Club Program and introduced a lively "underground" tradition to the annual International Convention that is now a part of the official agenda—the Sing-Along. At 79-years-old, Corcoran continues to assist Districts and members around the world.


Toasmasters Podcast #214

The Competition, a Toastmasters-Inspired Satirical Novel – Katherine Collette

After her first Toastmasters meeting, Katherine Collette realized a public speaking club offered the perfect backdrop for a novel. Years later, her second novel, The Competition, is a satirical work featuring a fictional and hyperbolic Toastmasters-like organization called SpeechMakers. Set at the organization's annual national convention, Collette describes the novel as "a love letter to Toastmasters." In this podcast episode, Collette shares her inspiration, her experience as a Toastmaster, and the similarities and differences between Toastmasters and SpeechMakers. To learn more about the book and author, read the article in the August 2022 Toastmaster magazine.


Toastmasters Podcast #213

Techniques for Supercharging Your Listening Skills – Joel Schwartzberg

When we think of effective communicators, what often comes to mind is how well their message is delivered with style, clarity, passion, and inspiration—essentially what comes out of their mouths. But they don’t always absorb and process what comes through their ears. In this episode, Joel Schwartzberg enlightens us with valuable tips and great stories on how leaders can become more effective listeners.


Toasmasters Podcast #212

Heart-Led Leadership – 2022-2023 International President Matt Kinsey, DTM

Meet Matt Kinsey, DTM, the 2022-2023 Toastmasters International President! Get to know Kinsey and learn about his Toastmasters and leadership journeys. He vulnerably shares why he considers his 2014 election loss for International Director one of the most important things that ever happened to him, and how he ultimately came to embrace a heart-led leadership style.


Toastmasters Podcast #211

Meet Shirley Davis, Ph.D. – 2022 Golden Gavel Recipient

Meet Shirley Davis, Ph.D., the 2022 Toastmasters International Golden Gavel recipient. This prestigious award is given to an individual distinguished in the fields of leadership and communication. Davis is president and CEO of SDS Global Enterprises, a full-service firm providing strategies and solutions for fostering high-performing and inclusive workplace cultures. She is a best-selling author of five books, including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Dummies. Learn more about Davis in the Toastmaster magazine.


Toasmasters Podcast #210

Anticipating the 2022 Hybrid International Convention in Nashville - Don Bittick

After two years of virtual events, the 2022 Toastmasters International Convention was conducted as a hybrid event—the in-person portion took place in Nashville, Tennessee, and streamed online. In this episode, the podcast hosts speak with Host District Chair Don Bittick to learn more about Nashville, the convention, the role of the Host District Chair, and how members can get involved.


Toasmasters Podcast #209

Rising Above Onstage Mishaps and Embarrassments – Caren S. Neile, Ph.D.

Have you ever experienced or simply feared an onstage mishap? This might include falling down, falling on, falling off, or falling while climbing onto a stage. If so, then you'll want to tune in and listen to Caren S. Neile, Ph.D. Neile shares a number of her personal experiences in a fun and entertaining episode to help us learn how to rise above that most unwelcome surprise, which has also happened to the likes of Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence, Pink, and former U.S. President Barack Obama.


Toasmasters Podcast #208

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back – Robert A. Nevarez

Former police chief Robert A. Nevarez pays tribute to his father, Prudencio Carrera Nevarez. While a courageous man in many ways, the fear of public speaking led Prudencio to avoid formal speaking situations. Learning from his father's wisdom and struggles, Robert carried the torch in his own life and conquered the fear that his father had not been able to confront.


Toasmasters Podcast #207

Demystifying the Impostor Phenomenon – Kevin Cokley Ph.D.

Do you ever feel that despite your qualifications and accomplishments you still doubt your abilities and feel like a fraud? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, you just might be afflicted with something called impostor syndrome—or more appropriately, impostor phenomenon, according to Kevin Cokley Ph.D. Cokley is no impostor, even if he might admit to feeling like one from time to time. In this episode, he demystifies this often-misunderstood phenomenon and shares ideas on how to approach it.


Toasmasters Podcast #206

Receiving Feedback: A Valuable Skill You Can Improve - Bill Brown, DTM

As Toastmasters, we talk a lot about delivering feedback, but we don't often focus on the necessary skill of receiving feedback. This episode shines a light on this underappreciated aspect of personal and professional development and provides tips on how to effectively receive feedback. Bill Brown, DTM, a speech delivery coach and regular contributor to the Toastmaster magazine, explains this topic. His April 2022 column further highlights some of his tips.


Toastmasters Podcast #205

Kickboxing, Toastmasters, and Developing a Champion's Mindset - Jess Roper

Everyone likely agrees with the statement, “Speaking is much more enjoyable than being punched in the face.” Jessica Roper, a two-time English kickboxing champion can attest to that from her personal experience. In this episode, Roper offers some sage advice on developing a champion’s mindset, which she found for herself through struggles and successes in the kickboxing ring and on the speaking stage.


Toasmasters Podcast #204

"Mind Vision" Over Eyesight – W.C. Blackmon, DTM

W.C. “Bobby” Blackmon lost his eyesight at the age of five. While living without eyesight presents inherent challenges, Blackmon has elected to conquer a plethora of additional challenges throughout his life: learning braille, playing the trumpet, writing poetry, shot put, track, wrestling, powerlifting, recording music, writing books, and motivational speaking. Although he no longer has eyesight, he has something even more powerful: mind vision. On this episode, Blackmon explains what mind visions is and how he harnesses it to accomplish big goals.


Toasmasters Podcast #203

Visit Bilingual Toastmasters Clubs and Excel In a Second Language – Gwenydd Jones

This episode features Gwenydd Jones, an experienced translator, course creator, copywriter, and member of Toastmasters Sevilla in Seville, Spain. Originally from the United Kingdom, Jones shares her experience and offers tips on how to make the most out of attending a bilingual Toastmasters club meeting. Some of her tips come from her article in the April 2022 issue of the Toastmaster magazine, "7 Tips to Attend a Bilingual Toastmasters Meeting".


Toasmasters Podcast #202

The "Periodic Table" of Communication Skills – David JP Phillips

David JP Phillips spent seven years studying 5,000 speakers to identify and distill the core skills and subskills of communication. On this episode of the podcast, he shares the results of his research, how many skills he discovered, and how he uses them to coach speakers to improve as efficiently as possible.


Toasmasters Podcast #201

Powerful Outcomes From the Toastmasters and Rotary Collaboration – Kate McClare, DTM

When two giants like Toastmasters International and Rotary International create a strategic alliance a certain kind of magic happens. Kate McClare, DTM, shares about the strategic alliance formed back in 2019 and some of the magical moments of collaboration from those who made them happen. McClare also explains how Toastmasters and clubs can get involved.


Toastmasters Podcast #200

The Experience Passport – Rashmi Ketha

In this 200th episode, meet the winner of the Pitch Us Your Podcast Idea contest, Rashmi Ketha! Ketha is a member of Parsippany Toastmasters Club in Parsippany, New Jersey, and her podcast pitch is for a show called The Experience Passport, which highlights the benefits of hobby sampling and taking a generalist approach to life.

Shoutout to the two runners up: Cristobal Colon, DTM, of Puerto Rico Toastmasters Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Jessica Roper of Sussex Online Speakers in East Sussex, United Kingdom. A special thank you to everyone who entered the Pitch Us Your Podcast contest and helped make the 200th milestone episode extra special.


Toastmasters Podcast #199

Specialty-Themed Clubs Offer a Creative Outlet – Megan Preston Meyer

Common-interest or specialty-themed clubs bring members even closer together in their pursuit of improving communication and leadership skills. Megan Preston Meyer enlightens listeners on how these unique clubs can also help them become better photographers or chefs (among other things), while having a whole lot of fun with like-minded individuals. Read her article, “What’s Your Specialty?” in the February 2022 Toastmaster magazine to learn more about specialty clubs and their benefits.


Toasmasters Podcast #198

Your Club Website: A Viable Marketing and Recruiting Asset – David F. Carr, DTM

While many Toastmasters clubs gravitate to social media as a method for marketing to guests and recruiting new members, David F. Carr, DTM, recommends an overlooked option—club websites. Listen to this podcast episode for Carr’s compelling thoughts and advice on how to best use a website as a successful marketing and recruiting asset.


Toasmasters Podcast #197

How to Powerfully Engage Your Audience – Cathey Armillas, DTM

Are you truly engaging your audience or merely speaking to them? If you want to powerfully connect with your audience, Cathey Armillas, DTM, shares the mindset and techniques needed to break through that "invisible wall."


Toasmasters Podcast #196

Toastmasters in Virtual Reality – Melanie Stark and Roberto DaCosta

Today's episode covers virtual reality (VR)—what it is, why it's important, and how communicators, speakers, and professionals can use VR to enhance their communication, connection, and careers. Toastmaster Melanie Stark and entrepreneur Roberto DaCosta guide listeners through the ins and outs of this emerging technology.

Read more about VR and how it can benefit speakers, in the January 2022 Toastmaster magazine article "Toastmasters Take Virtual to a New Reality”.


Toasmasters Podcast #195

Introducing Forrest Tuff, Toastmasters' Newest Accredited Speaker

In August 2021, Forrest Tuff, DTM, became the 89th Accredited Speaker. In this podcast episode, Tuff shares stories from his personal, professional, and Toastmasters journey, including the road to becoming an Accredited Speaker. He also shares some of the obstacles—including a life threatening one—he had to overcome to bring him to where he is today.


Toasmasters Podcast #194

Talking to Animals Just Like Dr. Doolittle – Claudia Hehr

In this fun episode, Greg Gazin, DTM, and Ryan Levesque, DTM, speak with Claudia Hehr. Hehr has been called a modern-day Dr. Doolittle. She pushes the boundaries of communication to include communicating with animals. Hehr explains this form of communication and how you can improve your relationships with your animal companions.


Toasmasters Podcast #193

Effective Training Tools & Techniques – Gavin Meikle, DTM

An effective training session requires more than just a polished presentation. Gavin Meikle, DTM, a trainer for more than 25 years, unpacks the skills necessary to facilitate learning and deepen one's training impact. Meikle compares the mindset of a trainer versus speaker and reveals his favorite training activities. He also shares hard-fought wisdom on dealing with training challenges like skeptical attendees and unruly participants.


Toasmasters Podcast #192

Virtual Event Hosting & Mastering Engagement – Amanda Mae Gray

In this episode, co-hosts Greg Gazin, DTM, and Ryan Levesque, DTM, speak with virtual event host, engagement expert, and Toastmaster Amanda Mae Gray. She shares tips and techniques on being a great virtual event host and maximizing attendee engagement on Zoom, YouTube, and related platforms.

Gray also explains a bit of her Toastmasters journey and her view on how millennials can benefit from joining Toastmasters.


Toasmasters Podcast #191

Overcoming Your Inner Stutter – Joze Piranian

How does a lifelong stutterer become a successful motivational speaker and stand-up comedian? Joze Piranian avoided speaking almost entirely for more than 25 years until he decided he would no longer let his stutter stand in the way of living a full and fruitful life.

Piranian credits a combination of speech therapy and Toastmasters training for propelling him to new heights. Listen to this podcast to hear his journey and read more about him in the October Toastmaster magazine.


Toasmasters Podcast #190

Verity Price—2021 World Champion of Public Speaking

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Verity Price, DTM, is the first Toastmasters World Champion to emerge from the world's second largest continent, and the sixth female to hold the title. Price's winning speech, "A Good Read," tells the story of how coming across a letter from her late father during a dark period inspired her to "write a different story" with her life.

In this podcast episode, Price shares insights on delivering in a virtual environment, how she incorporated global feedback to prepare her speech, and the psychological principles that underpin the content of her speech. She also talks about her background as a singer, songwriter, and actress.


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