Christine Clapp, DTM Podcast #147

Four Habits Yoga and Public Speaking Have in Common — Christine Clapp, DTM

There’s a strong link between yoga and public speaking, according to Christine Clapp, DTM. Listen as she enlightens us about an epiphany she had and whether you’re into yoga or not and on how connecting the two can offer great insights into helping you become a better speaker.

Christine can be reached at info@spokenwithAuthority.com or on Twitter at @ChristineClapp. You can find her book Presenting at Work: A Guide to Public Speaking in Professional Contexts at PresentingAtWork.com.

Lark Doley Podcast #146

Catching Up With 2019 International President, Lark Doley

A Toastmasters for 25 years, Lark Doley, DTM, of Jonestown, Texas has held a number of high-profile leadership positions within Toastmasters, including her current role as International President. Doley shares how she was first introduced to Toastmasters and her attraction to the Toastmasters Leadership track. She also tells us about her unique lighthouse home, her progress this year as President, including the Wow!Factor Project and enlightens us with her story behind her infatuation with “gold."

Stuart Pink Podcast #145

Stuart Pink—Creative Leadership

What does creativity have to do with leadership? How can leaders utilize leadership, and encourage it among their teams? Stuart Pink, CC, CL joins the show to explore these questions and more. Pink is a keynote speaker and coach on creativity who earned third place in the 2012 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking®. He is also the author of Brainarium: Exercise Your Creativity.

Visit https://www.brainarium.com to learn more.

Bob Hooey, PDG, AS- Podcast #144

Accredited Speaker Program Has Come a Long Way — Bob Hooey, PDG, AS

Toastmasters' Accredited Speaker (AS) program has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1981. In this episode, Greg speaks with Bob Hooey, who achieved his AS designation in 1998, long before podcast was even a word.

Hooey was featured in the January 2018 issue of the Toastmaster Magazine. He’s been a Toastmaster for 28 years and is currently serving as a Regional Advisor for Region 4. Learn more about Bob by visiting Ideaman.net.

Toastmasters Podcast #143: Ramona J. Smith

Ramona J. Smith—2018 World Champion of Public Speaking

In this episode, Smith offers a glimpse into her journey and what she learned along the way. We get an insight into her championship winning speech and how she uses the analogy of a fight in a boxing ring to share how she was able to overcome her failures, including a divorce and dropping out of college not once, but four times. Through all her hardships, Smith was never down for the count. We also learn a little about her miracle son, Ryan.

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