My First Meeting

My First Meeting

Every journey has a destination, but it also has a beginning. For millions, that journey started when they attended their first Toastmasters meeting.

My First Meeting
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A Toastmasters meeting provides an opportunity and a supportive environment to improve your public speaking, communication, and leadership skills. Meetings are self-run and members work their way through Toastmasters’ education program.

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There’s no pressure to participate in your first meeting. You can simply observe and ask any questions you have to one of the club’s officers when the meeting concludes. If you’re not sure who is a club officer, all you have to do is ask.

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Each club has a unique culture and meetings may look slightly different, so take your time and find a club that fits you. When you do, ask a club officer about becoming a member.

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Your first Toastmasters meeting is only the start of the journey. Your destination is up to you.

Helpful Resources

Club Experience Video

Pay a virtual visit to a Toastmasters club to learn how you can benefit by becoming a member.

How to Join

Just follow these three easy steps to take advantage of all the benefits of Toastmasters membership.

Meeting Roles

Learn about the various meeting roles you can take on during club meetings.

What to Expect at Your First Toastmasters Meeting

Be prepared to attend your first meeting by reading this helpful article.

Pathways Learning Experience

Discover programs designed to develop communication and leadership skills for youth and non-members.

Talking Up Toastmasters

When someone asks you about joining, what do you say?


  1. How do I find a club?
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  1. Where are club meetings held?
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  1. Do I need to contact a club before attending?
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  1. Am I required to speak at a club meeting?
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  1. Can I visit more than one club?
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  1. How long do club meetings last?
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  1. Do I need to bring anything to a club meeting?
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  1. Is there a leader or instructor?
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  1. How do I find a club’s officers?
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  1. Can anyone become a member?
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  1. How much does it cost to become a member?
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