Region Advisor

Diverse leaders greeting each other

The Region Advisor’s role is to support District leaders in fulfilling the District mission to build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence. Every Toastmasters International region is assigned one Region Advisor for regions with eight or fewer Districts and two Region Advisors for regions with nine or more Districts. Region Advisors report to the International President through World Headquarters and serve a 15-month term, beginning April 1 and concluding June 30 of the following year. A Region Advisor may serve no more than two consecutive terms and must apply for each term. There is no limit on serving nonconsecutive terms.

The Region Advisor helps District Directors, Program Quality Directors, Club Growth Directors, and District Public Relations Managers to maximize performance while helping to identify strategies to achieve the District mission. Here are just a few ways the Region Advisors support, coach, and guide District leaders in achieving the District mission as measured by the District Recognition Program:

  • Assess the abilities of the leaders to achieve the District mission
  • Develop a plan for supporting the District leaders that will lead them to achieve the District mission
  • Leverage personal competencies
  • Provide marketing support and expertise that expands the Districts’ capacity to grow clubs and grow membership
  • Leverage personal experience and success as a Toastmasters leader to help District leaders
  • Coach the District leaders to achievement by assessing each District Success Plan and mentoring to optimize team performance
  • Establish trusting relationships with District leaders through frequent and consistent communication

For additional information, please visit our FAQ page and review Policy 10.0: Region Advisors and the Region Advisor Handbook.