Club Officer Training Materials

Club officers are best served by consistent, professional, and engaging training that supports the brand, enhances member experience, and helps them grow as leaders. The materials provided by Toastmasters International are the standard of quality and consistency that should make up the core of District-sponsored Club Officer Training.



Training should be time well spent for everyone. Make the most of your training time with ready-to-use training sessions that follows a well-structured format and delivers engaging training to club officers. Logically structured guides help facilitators lead sessions that promote vital learning points to club officers and save hours in research and development.

Access the latest training sessions below:

Training Basics – Getting It Right, Making it Work
  1. Club Officer Training Building Blocks
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  1. Club Success Plan (New)
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  1. Marketing (New)
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  1. Prospective Member Engagement (New)
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  1. Member Engagement and Retention (New)
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  1. Quality Club Meetings (New)
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  1. Building a Healthy Team
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  1. Building on Achievement for Continued Success
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  1. Creating a Quality Club
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  1. Effective Meetings (New)
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  1. Enhancing Evaluations
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  1. Leading the Club to Success
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  1. President
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  1. Secretary
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  1. Sergeant at Arms
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  1. Training Club Leaders
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  1. Treasurer
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  1. Vice President Education
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  1. Vice President Membership
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  1. Vice President Public Relations
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Training Resources

Club Officer Training Resource

Find more Club Officer Training resources for more training materials.

Training Activities

The core sessions of Club Officer Training can be supported by additional training activities.

Training Club Leaders

Though not all topics must be covered in each round of Club Officer Training, always include the Club Officer Role Breakouts.

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