Alignment and Planning

One of the most important elements of success is planning. Becoming a Distinguished District requires strategic planning by District leaders with a focus on the District mission.

District Success Plan

Successful Districts take the time to plan appropriately and direct volunteer efforts and resources toward achieving the Distinguished District goals for club and membership growth. They also help clubs achieve excellence and succeed in the Distinguished Club Program. For maximum effectiveness in reaching your District's goals, take the time to review and understand the principles of the District Recognition Program and complete the District Success Plan.


District Alignment

Districts must review and amend, if necessary, its alignment of the clubs, Areas and Divisions once each year. Form an Alignment Committee to consider a plan that services the clubs in the most effective way possible and meets the requirements outlined in Policy and Protocol 7.0 District Structure, 1. Club Assignments in the Governing Documents. It is important for the committee to consider club growth as well as club loss when contemplating an alignment. The alignment is subject to the approval of the District council at its annual business meeting in April/May and must be reported to Toastmasters International by July 15. Changes cannot be made after the approval by the council, so it's important to ensure that the alignment is correct and will be effective throughout the year.

Please note: Alignments that do not meet policy requirements cannot be accepted. The Alignment Committee will need to ensure that the alignment is within policy prior to bringing it forward to vote and submission to World Headquarters.  

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