Developing a PR Calendar

Are you on track to earn the media attention your club or district deserves? Take some time to review your PR plan, assess past years’ results and set new goals for the coming months.

When planning your PR activities for the year, you’ll find it useful to follow this schedule: Consider the full year ahead, plan in detail for six months and then revisit your plan every three months. Listed below are actions that are particularly important at this early stage.

  • Review the media coverage you secured last year. Determine which angles, pitches and news releases worked and take note of those that didn’t. List the journalists who reported your news and those who didn’t. Look at the overall coverage you received and check the media coverage other clubs or districts received. 

  • Take full advantage of the PR resources Toastmasters International offer. 

  • Schedule a meeting with your club or district leaders to review and/or receive the group’s overall objectives for the year. Use these objectives to revamp, or create your PR plan.

  • Establish a publicity calendar to keep track of what’s happening in your club and/or district.

  • Include events, projects and publicity efforts through July (six months), such as club programs, district conferences, announcements, anniversaries, open house meetings, milestones, member achievements and recognitions.

  • Indicate the vehicles you will use to attract and connect with fellow members (internal audience) and news media (external audience). For example: news releases, your (club or district) newsletter, websites and social networking sites.

  • Research local news outlets and journalists’ deadlines to ensure you don’t miss any media opportunities. Study the topics key journalists write about and tailor your pitch and/or news release to it.

  • Include contact information of everyone you need to reach, what needs to get done, who’s responsible, and what the deadlines are.

Making your own calendar is easy! Save this sample calendar to your computer. Use it as a template by simply replacing the text examples with your own.


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