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2024 International Convention

Toastmasters International-2024 Convention

Once in a Lifetime!

This is your chance to gather together with Toastmasters worldwide in centennial celebration. Take a trip to Southern California where it all began 100 years ago. Come to learn, connect, and take part in the most dazzling communication event on the planet.

Anticipate a very special event in a 1:05 video!

A Heritage of Highlights

Flags, manual, microphone, globe, and gavel
Opening Ceremonies
Education & Inspiration
World Championship of Public Speaking®
Global Networking
Golden Gavel

Persuade Your Boss

Need to justify the value and cost of the Toastmasters 2024 International Convention to your superior? Download, modify, and use the letter below to convince your boss to let you go!

Download justification

Make it a Milestone to Remember

Join fellow communicators from around the world using #CelebrateToastmasters100 on social media channels.


Toastmasters International-2024 Convention

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