2024 Golden Gavel Award Honoree

Announcing2024 Golden Gavel Award Honoree

Lisa Sun

Lisa Sun
Entrepreneur, speaker, author

What would happen if you let go of fear, got off the sidelines, and jumped boldly into the game of life? Lisa Sun encourages audience members to choose self-confidence, work to harness their “superpower,” and use gravitas to advance personally and professionally.

As an entrepreneur, Sun founded Gravitas in 2012 with a mission to catalyze confidence. The company’s origin story dates back to her first professional review, where she was told that she “lacked gravitas,” and “should go buy a new dress, big jewelry, and great shoes.” With those words in mind, Sun filed for a global patent to build shapewear directly into dresses. Two months after launch, her first collection was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, People, and on Today all in the same month.

Sun is the national best-selling author of Gravitas: The 8 Strengths That Redefine Confidence. She says she has always had a passion for style, inclusivity, and helping people look and feel their best. Prior to founding Gravitas, Sun spent 11 years as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Learn more about Sun and Gravitas on the company website: gravitasnewyork.com or on Instagram @LisaLSun and @GravitasNewYork.

Watch as Toastmasters honors Lisa Sun live and livestreamed from the convention stage and be inspired by her session:

Cultivating Courage: Reframe Results to Compel Action

Live and Livestreamed: Friday, August 16, 1:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)/Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -7

Meet Lisa Sun in person: Friday, August 16, 2:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)/Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -7

Top 2 Takeaways

  • Learn to overcome the six forces that inhibit self-confidence.
  • Get real-life tips on how to cultivate courage.

Session Description

True courage is manifested when mental and moral strength come together, allowing us to face challenging endeavors head-on with the knowledge that we are supported in our actions. What steps can we take to transform courage from a moment in time to a regular practice?

Join Lisa Sun in courageous conversation as she introduces a framework to redefine what it means to cultivate courage. She will illustrate the things that hold us back from being bold, like disappointing experiences, which then pushes most of us to default to what worked before—our comfort zones—instead of thinking differently and embracing opportunities, we focus on our flaws and silence our potential to create something truly remarkable. We may be focused on hard metrics as the primary indicators of success, but soft metrics are the ones that empower us to understand what went well, find opportunities for new approaches, and come away with building strengths and capabilities we may not have known we had.

Using examples from her own real-life experiences, Lisa provides practical tips on how to operate with excellence and cultivate courage.

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