Corporate Recognition Visits

The Corporate Recognition Award program is a distinguished honor for corporate sponsors of Toastmasters clubs and a great opportunity to recognize long-standing and dedicated corporate sponsors in your District. Now that your District has been scheduled for an International Officer or International Director visit, it is time to prepare for corporate visits. Therefore, your District may want to consider presenting a Corporate Recognition Award to up to two deserving corporate sponsors in your District during a corporate visit. The Corporate Recognition Award nomination form must be submitted by the District Director, Program Quality Director, or Club Growth Director. Meet as a team to review the corporate sponsors in your District. Nominees must meet three of the six required criteria listed in the Nomination Criteria section of the form below. To aid in this process, you may request a list of your District’s corporate-sponsored clubs and past award recipients by emailing The nomination form must be submitted six to eight weeks prior to your presentation date. Once submitted, the Corporate Relations team will review the nomination and determine eligibility. The nominating District leader will receive an email within 1-3 business days with an approval or declination notification. Complete the Corporate Recognition Award nomination form below to request approval. Click Submit only once to avoid an error of the page submission.


SHIPPING INFORMATION - Provide a shipping address for the award.


NOMINATION CRITERIA - Please complete fields for all applicable program criteria the nominee have met. The first two criteria must be answered to be considered.