Toastmasters and Yoodli: AI Meets Public Speaking

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A Future-forward Partnership

In December 2022, Toastmasters International partnered with Yoodli, an AI-powered speech coach, to provide members with almost instantaneous speech feedback. The Yoodli platform complements the Toastmasters education experience by offering insights into how members can improve speeches they record on the platform. Using Yoodli’s analytics, members can see how much eye contact they made while speaking, how many filler words (such as “ah” and “um”) they used, if their speaking pace was too fast or too slow, and even if any words could be replaced with more inclusive language. These data points, along with others, empower members to polish their speeches before presenting them to a human audience for feedback.

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Get started!

Toastmasters members can access Yoodli to get speech feedback and play AI-powered speaking games by logging into My Home and selecting the Yoodli card in the “From the Organization to You” section of the page.

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