Region Realignment 2024

Why are the regions being realigned?

Article V, Section 4 (i), of the Bylaws of Toastmasters International directs the Board of Directors to periodically review the regional assignment of clubs to ensure that no region represents 15% or more of Member Clubs in good standing. By balancing the number of paid clubs in regions, representation on the Board of Directors and opportunities to serve on the Board remain equal and fair for members and Member Clubs throughout the world.

To ensure optimal support for all clubs regardless of geography, the Board voted to realign the regions and reduce the number of regions in the Americas from nine to seven while increasing the number of regions in the rest of the world from five to seven. As a result, certain Districts will be reassigned to a new region. This realignment will take effect on July 1, 2024.

Who is impacted by this decision?

The specific member groups that will be directly impacted by the realignment are listed below. View the region maps and District list to see if your District has been reassigned to another region.

  • All Districts – District visits by your International Director and Region Advisor will be based on the new region composition.
  • 2024 International Director candidates – If you plan to run for an International Director position at the 2024 Annual Business Meeting, remember to submit your Letter of Intent based on the new region composition. The open International Director positions will be for even-numbered regions.
  • International Leadership Committee members – By February 2024, members from even-numbered regions will be appointed to serve on the International Leadership Committee. These members will be appointed based on the new region composition. Further, it is possible that committee members serving their second year (odd-numbered regions) may no longer be in the region from which they were originally appointed from.
  • Region Advisors – Please be aware that applications for the 2024-2025 Region Advisor term will be based on the new region composition. If you have already submitted an application, you will be notified of the region realignment to ensure you applied for the correct region.

To learn more, visit the 2024 Region Realignment FAQ page.