Share your story with the world and help inspire others!

Think back to when you first joined Toastmasters. Do you remember what motivated you to become a member? Whether you suffered a serious accident that caused you to struggle with your speech or you were simply afraid of public speaking, everyone’s story is unique. We want to hear your story!


Record a one-minute (or less) video telling us why you joined Toastmasters. During the first 30 seconds, explain your motivation or challenge. Then spend 30 seconds explaining how Toastmasters has helped you. At the end of your video, hold up this sign and say, “And that’s my why!” If you can’t print the sign, write #MyWhy on a piece of paper and hold it up instead. Post the video on social media with hashtag #MyWhy and tag Toastmasters International. Make your post public so the world can hear your story! Your video could be shared on Toastmasters International social media pages.