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district marketing

To be successful, the Club Growth Director should understand that they can’t do everything alone and must first build a team. Finding the right people who will focus on the critical success factors will help develop leadership skills and fulfill the District mission. Through the Club Growth Director’s guidance and leadership, the committees will analyze the need, opportunity and potential for new clubs in the District and help prepare an effective marketing plan, including club building and member retention programs.

Seek out individuals for the team who have earned Advanced Communicator Bronze or higher and Competent Leader awards. These members can serve as sponsors or mentors of new clubs to fulfill an Advanced Leader award requirement. Before deciding on a team member, consider whether the person has the experience, time, and desire to lead the committee (not just serve on it) as chairperson. The member should also have strong follow-up skills and be able to communicate easily and effectively with the rest of the team.

The following roles offer opportunities for members to advance their skills in club and membership building and build a strong foundation for future District roles. The District may choose to honor these key roles with special local recognition awards, as they are not eligible to receive credit towards Toastmasters educational awards.

Team Members

Club Extension Chair

The Club Extension Chair oversees the objectives for the Club Extension and Club Sponsor Committees. These two committees are essential in assisting the Club Growth Director through maintaining quality leads and providing guidance over the club sponsor program to ensure that prospective clubs are chartered successfully. In addition to providing sponsors for prospective clubs, the club sponsor committee arranges club sponsor credit opportunities for members who seek it.

Club Extension Committee - This committee is responsible for one of the most important aspects of the District’s marketing strategy—qualifying, managing and tracking leads. Members of this team:

  • Manage all credible new club leads within the boundaries of their District
  • Contact, follow up with and track the status of all leads/opportunities
  • Schedule and staff all demonstration meetings

Club Sponsor Committee - This committee recruits, trains, and tracks sponsors for all clubs that charter or are in the midst of the chartering process. Members of this team:

  • Recruit and assign club sponsors to new club opportunities in the District
  • Understand and facilitate club sponsor training; refine the curriculum and assist sponsors to ensure clubs are served effectively
  • Work with club sponsors to collect the required chartering funds and ensure they receive club sponsoring credit from WHQ

The Club Extension Chair is recommended to be a member of your Toastmasters Lead Management (TLM) team.

Club Quality Chair

Members joined Toastmasters to become more effective communicators and leaders. They stay in Toastmasters because the club provides a valuable service and meets their individual needs. The Club Quality Chair focuses on establishing a Club Mentor Committee to provide this service through the club mentor program. Club mentors are the advisors and tutors for new clubs and have a great effect on the degree to which a new club succeeds. In addition to providing mentors to the club, the committee arranges club mentor credit opportunities for members who seek it.

Club Mentor Committee - This committee recruits, trains, and tracks mentors for all clubs that charter or are in the midst of the chartering process. Members of this team:

  • Recruit and assign club mentors to the newly chartered clubs in the District
  • Understand and facilitate club mentor training; refine the curriculum and assist mentors with their responsibilities to ensure they serve their clubs effectively
  • Ensure club mentors receive club mentoring credit from Toastmasters International

Club Retention Chair

The Club Retention Chair heads the Club Coach Committee which assists with the club coach program. The committee helps club coaches develop action plans to aid their assigned clubs. In addition to providing coaches for qualified clubs, the Club Coach Committee arranges club coach credit opportunities for members who seek it.

The Club Retention Chair also assists with promoting membership building programs designed by Toastmasters International (Smedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters and Beat the Clock), and additional programs designed by the District.

Club Coach Committee – This committee recruits and trains coaches for all clubs that qualify for the program. The committee also reviews its clubs to see which ones are in need of a club coach. Members of this team:

  • Follow up continually with club coaches
  • Monitor the effectiveness of each club coach’s action plans and suggest adjustments
  • Provide the Club Growth Director and club retention chair regular status reports
  • Organize the recognition of club coaches and ensure they receive club coaching credit from Toastmasters International

Club New Source Research Chair

The Club New Source Research Chair works closely with the Club Growth Director to develop the District’s marketing plan, which is a series of steps to help the District grow healthy new clubs.

In addition to assisting with the marketing plan, the Club New Source Research Chair generates new club leads at the District level.

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