District Visits


International Officer and Director Visits

International officers and directors conduct district visits as ambassadors promoting the Toastmasters organization. These visits give district leaders an opportunity to observe visiting dignitaries in action. Officers and directors help the district by leading club-building visits, presenting corporate recognition awards and representing the organization at district events.

District leaders and World Headquarters staff work together to coordinate visits. A district must accept a visit from an international officer or director. Once a district accepts a visit, World Headquarters, the visiting dignitary and district leaders schedule a conference call to discuss plans for the visit.

District leaders are responsible for securing corporate marketing (club-building opportunities) appointments, media events and corporate recognition visits to ensure the district visit is a success. District leaders must complete the District Visit Checklist and submit to World Headquarters in advance of the conference call.

Region Advisor Visits

Region advisors visit districts to provide marketing support and expertise, and to expand district leaders' capacity to grow clubs. During visits, region advisors help district leaders by teaching marketing skills and focusing on goal planning. These visits generally occur during Toastmasters Leadership Institutes or district executive committee meetings.

Region advisors and district leaders collaborate to plan region advisor visits. Districts are asked to secure club-building opportunities for the region advisor to attend with the club growth director. This provides an opportunity for the club growth director to be trained by the region advisor, if necessary, in developing marketing skills while promoting Toastmasters.

If you have any questions about an international officer or director making a visit, please contact Board Contact.

If you have any questions about a region advisor making a visit, please contact your region advisor or the region advisor program coordinator.

Related Resources

International Officer, International Director, and Region Advisor Responsibilities Chart

Defines the area of responsibility for each visiting dignitary.

District Visit Brochure

Defines purpose and expectations for a visit.

International Officer Visit Form

Complete the form and provide to World Headquarters once notified of the visit. This form is only completed when receiving a visit from an International Officer.

Schedule of Events Template

Prepare the Schedule of Events template and submit to World Headquarters at least four weeks prior to the visit. This form is only completed when receiving a visit from an International Officer.

Corporate Recognition Award Form

Discuss which corporations are qualified to be recognized by Toastmasters International. Complete the form to request approval. This form is only completed when receiving a visit from an International Officer and Director.

Corporate Recognition Award News Release Template

For a district to promote a company being recognized for enhancing employee engagement through continuing support of the Toastmasters program.

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