Club Growth Director Checklist

To download the CGD Checklist, click here.

Outgoing CGD Transition Checklist

Before the meeting: (May 1 – May 31)
    • Update each Lead record as follows (use the edit (pencil icon) button):
      • Lead Information is complete
      • Lead Status is updated to current status
      • Corporate Clubs and Club Sponsor Contact (1) and (2) are completed where necessary
      • Add Notes to document pertinent status information and next steps
    Meeting agenda: (occurs within June 1–30)
      • Discuss what events, teams and/or procedures...
        • Led to the most success for the District
        • You wanted to create/do, but did not get a chance to
        • You would have done differently if you knew then what you know now
      • Club Sponsor Program
      • Club Coach Program
      • Club Mentor Program

Incoming CGD Transition Checklist 

Preparing to step into your role: (June 1 – June 30)
    • Who would you want to join you in your efforts as the CGD?
    • What roles/positions would they hold?
    • What would their responsibilities be?
    • What management style would you take?
    • Would you hold weekly/biweekly/monthly meetings?
    • Each District may request access for one (1) club extension chair. TLM access is automatically provided for all other District Executive members as part of their District Central permissions. Therefore, it is not necessary to submit a request for these individuals.
    • To request access for one (1) club extension chair, please submit the following information to the District Growth and Support team at
      • District
      • Title (Example: Club Extension Chair)
      • Full Name
      • Email Address
    • Log into the TLM system on District Central and click on Leads and Prospective Clubs
    • Review the tutorial resources TLM Best Practices and Guidelines and watch the TLM Webinar Recording
      • All TLM resources are found on the Toastmasters website here.

    On or before July 1 — Corporate Relations will email incoming Club Growth Directors with information and links to all Club Growth Director-related marketing materials.