Club Growth Director Checklist

Outgoing CGD Transition Checklist

Before the meeting: (May 1- May 31)
    • Each lead record is correct
      • "Lead Status"
      • "Contact Information"
      • "Notes" and/or "Tasks"
    • Within the "pencil icon" or "edit" button
      • "Pipeline Name" is set as "Club Building"
      • "Opportunity Profile" section is fully completed (if possible)
    • "Current State"
    • "Pipeline Stage"
    • "Notes" and/or "Tasks" (completed vs. not completed)
    • "Links"
    • "Contact records for Club Sponsors/Mentors"
Meeting agenda: (occurs within June 1-30)
    • Discuss what events, teams and/or procedures...
      • Led to the most success for the district
      • You wanted to create/do, but didn’t get a chance to
      • You would have done differently if you knew then what you know now
    • Club Sponsor Program
    • Club Coach Program
    • Club Mentor Program
JULY 1 - All TLM accounts will be transitioned to the incoming CGD and all previous TLM users will no longer have access

Incoming CGD Transition Checklist 

Preparing to step into your role: (June 1 - June 30)
    • Who would you want to join you in your efforts as the CGD?
    • What roles/positions would they hold?
    • What would their responsibilities be?
    • What management style would you take?
    • Would you hold weekly/biweekly/monthly meetings?
    • There is a maximum of three (3) users per district. Choose users who will be actively using the TLM to generate, manage and follow-up with the leads.
    • Submit this information:
      • Title (Example: Club Extension Chair)
      • Full Name
      • Email Address
    • All users need to be approved by the District Director. Include the DD on the email request.
    • Log into the TLM system at
    • Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to access the TLM (Insightly).
      Internet Explorer is not supported by Insightly.


      2017 – 2018 Training Webinars

      • Watch recorded webinar “2017 -2018 Toastmasters Lead Management (TLM) System Training – Introduction Overview” (8/16/17)
        • An overview of the Insightly TLM: why use the TLM to leverage your club building experience, and the updates made to the system.
        • View Questions & Answers from the webinar

      • Watch recorded webinar “Leveraging the Toastmasters Lead Management (TLM) System Training Session #2 – How to use each section” (9/20/17)
        • Learn the sections within each Lead Record and how to use them to your benefit.
        • View Questions & Answers from the webinar

      • Watch recorded webinar “Leveraging the Toastmasters Lead Management (TLM) System Training Session #3 - Reporting” (10/05/17)
        • Learn how to use Reporting to your advantage. Set-up your own custom reports during the training – Overview of Leads report, District Director report, Lead Status report and more!

      • Webinar: Toastmasters Lead Management (TLM) Functionality and Productivity Enhancement Webinar
        Date: January 10, 2018
        Watch recorded webinar

July 1st - Invitation email to join the TLM (powered by will be sent to your primary email address (and your TLM team members/users); once you have registered, full access to the TLM will be granted.