Club Growth Director Checklist

To download the CGD, click here.

Outgoing CGD Transition Checklist

Before the meeting: (May 1- May 31)
    • Update each Lead record as follows (use the edit (pencil icon) button):
      • Lead Information is complete
      • Lead Status is updated to current status
      • Corporate Clubs and Club Sponsor Contact are completed where necessary
      • Add Notes to document pertinent status information and next steps
    Meeting agenda: (occurs within June 1-30)
      • Discuss what events, teams and/or procedures...
        • Led to the most success for the district
        • You wanted to create/do, but didn’t get a chance to
        • You would have done differently if you knew then what you know now
      • Club Sponsor Program
      • Club Coach Program
      • Club Mentor Program

Incoming CGD Transition Checklist 

Preparing to step into your role: (June 1 - June 30)
    • Who would you want to join you in your efforts as the CGD?
    • What roles/positions would they hold?
    • What would their responsibilities be?
    • What management style would you take?
    • Would you hold weekly/biweekly/monthly meetings?
    • Log into the TLM system on District Central and click on Leads and Prospective Clubs
    • Review the tutorial resources TLM Best Practices and Guidelines and watch the TLM Webinar Recording
      • TLM Best Practices and Guidelines are found on the District Marketing Team webpage on Leadership Central (scroll to the bottom of the page to find Related Resources)
      • TLM Webinar Recording is found in on the Toastmasters website here or by searching Club Growth Director Resources.