German Translation Review Team

Goetz Mueller

Name: Goetz Mueller

District: 95

Primary Club: Verdi Rhetorik TM Club

Year joined: 2006

Highest position held: Area Director

Education awards earned: DTM

What is your area of expertise? Business Consultant in the area process improvement (Lean Management).

How does your professional experience relate to your role as Chief Reviewer?
An important part of the value of my work for my customers is supporting business owners, their leaders and managers in enabling them to ease the daily work for their teams and front line workers by improving underlying processes and the related communication. I see similarities for the review team enabling them to focus on the translation reviews but also being a voice for them and the challenges they encounter back into the organization.

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer for the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience?
I'd like to extend the reach of Toastmasters in German speaking countries by the availability of translated material for our members which they can relate to in their personal and professional life.

Lead Reviewers

Andrea Sauerzweig

"What I like most about being a lead reviewer is the fact that I can help to enhance the quality of the German translations, especially the consistency of the translation within each project and within the series of the whole project. The Toastmasters education program is a high quality program with a huge impact on members’ lives. That should also be reflected in the quality of the translations."

District Name Residence Primary Club Year Joined
Highest position Education awards
Andreas Geiger Switzerland DACHmasters 2009
Division Director DTM
Alex Vogel Germany BASF Toastmasters 2016
Area Director MS5, EH4, ALB
Alexander Firlus Switzerland Top Notch Toastmasters Zurich 2019
Area Director PI4, LD3
Andrea Sauerzweig Germany Koelner Sprechbar 2009
Club President DTM
David Gökçedağ
Bosphorus Toastmasters 2010
Club President
95 Peter Blaskoda Germany Taunus Toastmasters e.V.
2010 Division Director
EH5, PM5
95 Stefan Zahov Germany Toastmasters Dortmund 2018 District Director DTM, ACG, ALS