Tamil Translation Review Team

Surya Narayanan Kalyanaraman

Name: Surya Narayanan Kalyanaraman

District: 116

Primary Club: Indian TM Club

Year Joined: 2012

Highest position held: Area Director

Education awards earned: DTM

What is your area of expertise? Professional front: Business/Financial Analysis, Market Research, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Toastmasters: Table Topics, Evaluation, Speech Writing, Governance & Rules, Speech Contests Management, Pathways Mentoring Story Telling Others: Crosswords, Puzzles, Word Play, Mathematics and Statistics

How does your professional experience relate to your role as Chief Reviewer?
 I fancy my ability to think & communicate effectively in multiple languages. By living in multiple cities/countries where I have been interacting with Tamil speaking people from various countries, I have developed a fairly good understanding of the variations in the language. From my professional experience of dealing with people from all strata, I can distinguish between formal and conversational styles and adapt my language according to the situation and needs. This is essential for a good translator.

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer for the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience?
I strongly believe that communication & public speaking are vital skills and language is just a medium. It gives me immense happiness to play a small part in helping the Toastmasters program reach out far & wide to people who can use the time tested tools & techniques, even while communicating in languages other than English. The fact that I'm involved in translating the TI materials into my mother tongue is a big bonus.


Lead Reviewers

Mohamed Ibrahim Maricar

"As a Lead reviewer, I am looking forward to maintaining a good, appropriate and professional standard in translating the materials from English to Tamil. I also look forward to incorporating the cultural and linguistic applications of the language into which the materials are translated."

Subbi Mathur

"I am extremely thrilled about this wonderful opportunity to use my knowledge of my mother tongue in the service of Toastmasters International. I will enjoy reviewing excellent translations from my peers and offering my comments, and also being part of this wonderful historic happening!"

District Name Residence Primary Club Year joined Highest position Education awards
Surya Narayanan Kalyanaraman Qatar Indian Club TM  2012 Area Director DTM
Mohamed Ibrahim Maricar Saudi Arabia Jeddah Tamil TM Club 2008 Club Growth Director
Subbi Mathur USA Greenville TM Club
2005 Region Advisor
Kannan Sankara USA
USA Tamil TM Club
2012 Program Quality Director DTM
Brahmakumar Balakrishnan Singapore
Narpani Tamil TM Club
2001 Area Director DTM
Subramaniam Thangasamy Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Tamil TM Club
2004 Division Director DTM
Navaneetha Krishnan Oman
Khimji TM Club
2017 Area Director EH5
Pon Sankara Pandian Kalirajan Bahrain
Muthamil TM Club
2015 Division Director DTM
Anitha Ramasamy USA
USA Tamil TM Club
2021 VPE PM3