Simplified Chinese Translation Review Team

Liana Kwan

Name: Tiam Teang Tay

District: 80

Primary Club: Braddell Heights Mandarin Club

Highest position held: District Director

Education awards earned: DTM

Year joined:  2005

Area of expertise : Prior to my retirement, I was a Financial Consultant specialize in financial investments.

How does your personal and professional experience relate to your Chief Translation Reviewer role? : My formal education was in both Chinese and English languages. I have been translating Toastmasters resources in English into Chinese for my district use ever since joining the Toastmasters movement. Professionally, I did presentations and discussed investment options in Mandarin to Mandarin speaking investors.  

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer? : I appreciate the opportunity to work with excellent reviewers around the world in further improving the quality of translated resources from Toastmasters International. It is certainly part and parcel of my Pathways learning experience, and I hope to contribute to Mandarin speaking members in their learning experiences.

Lead Reviewers

Kwock Wing Ching

"What I like most about being on the Simplified Chinese Review Team is the opportunity to make a positive contribution the the organization that helped me grow and also to hone my skills as a communicator and leader in the process."

District Name Residence Primary Club Year joined Highest position Education awards
Lemon Lee Beijing Hutong Bilingual Toastmasters Club
2015 Administration Manager DTM, ACG, ALS
Kwock Wing Ching Singapore YMCA Toastmasters Club
2004 Division Director DTM, ACG, ALS
Qin Chen
Singapore OAC Mandarin Toastmasters Club
2017 Area Director
Robin Guo
Beijing Dedupers
2017 Division Director
EC5, IP5
Stephen Hu
Beijing A1 Toastmasters Club
2021 Area Director
EC5, DL2