Arabic Translation Review Team

Abdulaziz Dulaijan

Name: Abdulaziz Dulaijan

District: 79

Primary Club: Fasaha TM Club

Year joined: 2002

Highest position held: Area Director

Education awards earned: VC5

What is your area of expertise? Engineering, planning and administration of engineering consulting Firm.

How does your professional experience relate to your role as Chief Reviewer?
Project Management, Planning, Leadership (Vision & values, Direction, Persuasion, Support, Development, and Appreciation), Team Building, Critical Thinking & Analysis.

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer for the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience?
Learn about new prospective, think out of the box, participation in the development of the new program, think globally, being among a good team, and helping others to grow.

Lead Reviewers

Rania Abul-Rub

"Joining the Arabic review team 3 years ago gave me an opportunity to impact a larger audience for a longer period of time, which feels personally more rewarding to me. The knowledge that I am able to be a part of the journey of every Arabic speaking Toastmaster who endeavours to be a better communicator and leader is very satisfying indeed. I have enjoyed the challenge that comes with the task of lead reviewer which includes meeting deadlines and working extensively with the team while assisting the chief reviewer to guarantee excellent quality of the translated material."

District Name Residence Primary Club Year joined Highest position Education awards
105 Rania Abul-Rub Jordan SICAP TM Club 2006 Program Quality Director
105 Tareq Khalid United Arab Emirates
Star of Arabia Club 2015 Division Director DTM
79 Turki Al Alhareth Saudi Arabia
Asharqia Chamber TM Club 2017 Administration Manager DTM
79 Anan Salem Saudi Arabia
REHAB TM Club 2016 Division Director DTM
79 Jamila Abulebdeh Saudi Arabia
Ibda'a Women's TM Club 2014 Division Director MS4
Zahraa Shaito Lebanon
Uroubah TM Club
2005 Area Director DTM
Abdulaziz Dulaijan Saudi Arabia
Fasaha TM Club
2002 Area Director VC5