Arabic Translation Review Team

Rania Abul-Rub

Name: Rania Abul-Rub

District: 105

Primary Club: Amman International Toastmasters Club

Year joined: 2006

Highest position held: District Director

Education awards earned: DTM

What is your area of expertise? Audiology

How does your personal and professional experience relate to your Chief Translation Reviewer role?
I have been an audiologist for 26 years, and my duties include being the Head of the Audiology and Operations Department at my company, translating and reviewing marketing material from the international manufacturing companies that we represent locally, translating the software used by professionals in different parts of the world, translating the end user instruction manuals provided to the customers, and ensuring that top-notch translations and accurate information are circulated to our clients and patients.

This experience has equipped me with the tools needed to run translation projects efficiently and successfully, while ensuring high-quality translated items. The same requirements are needed for the members in our fraternity who have joined our organization to hone their communication and leadership skills. Some of the tools to assist them in this objective are the educational and informational material that are accessible by our members on the Toastmasters International website, therefore, it is of utmost importance that accurate and high caliber information is available to our members in different languages.

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer?
I have been a Toastmaster since 2005 and have held many leadership positions at the club, Area, Division, and District level, including currently serving as District Director for District 105, which spans over five countries. These leadership roles have given me opportunities to interact with members on different levels. However, being part of the Translation Review Team for over ten years has been a rather different and unique experience.

It has given me the opportunity to influence a larger audience anonymously, an audience that extends beyond the boundaries of my own District, which has been extremely rewarding to me personally and professionally.

It is a tough job, I must admit. It requires hard work, dedication, patience, and most of all, a lot of passion and true belief in what our organization really stands for. Being part of the Translation Review Team and supporting our fellow members for no credit and under no titles is the true epitome of servant leadership. I am truly proud to be part of this amazing team and this admirable organization that has transformed me personally and professionally in so many amazing ways, and for that, I will remain forever grateful!

Lead Reviewers

Abdulaziz Dulaijan

"It is a privilege to serve Arabic Toastmasters members and pave the way for new members to enjoy the Toastmasters education experience."

Anan Salem

"Serving my Arabic community and enhancing my leadership role are the most exciting aims."

Turki Al Alhareth

What do you like most about being on the Arabic Review Team?
"I like that I will make it easier for Arab members to have more access to more and professionally translated material which will help them benefit more from Toastmasters."

District Name Residence Primary Club Year joined Highest position Education awards
79 Abdulaziz Dulaijan Saudi Arabia Fasaha Toastmasters Club 2002 Area Director
104 Abdullah Filimban Saudi Arabia ALEBDA Toastmasters Club 2004 District Director
104 Ahmed Krimly Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Debate Club 2017 Area Director DTM
105 Amna Al Meidalwi Oman
Alafiya Toastmasters Club 2013 Club President VC5
79 Anan Salem Saudi Arabia
REHAB Toastmasters Club 2016 Division Director DTM
79 Basma Bubshait Saudi Arabia
La'aLe'e Toastmasters 2019 Area Director DTM
20 Fatma Hedeihed Kuwait
Life Principles Toastmaster Club 2015 Division Director DTM, ACG
Jamila Abulebdeh Saudi Arabia
Ibda'a Women's Toastmasters Club
2014 Division Director MS4, ACB, CL
Johara Abualnass United Arab Emirates
Abjad Toastmasters Club
2017 Area Director CC, EC5
Shaima Sawas United Arab Emirates
Dubai Arabic Toastmasters
2021 Club President DL3
Tareq Khalid United Arab Emirates
Star of Arabia Club
2015 Division Director DTM
Turki Al Alhareth Saudi Arabia
Asharqia Chamber Toastmasters Club
2017 Administration Manager DTM