Toastmasters International Centennial Book

Confident Voices: The Story of Toastmasters

A beautifully designed coffee table book that describes and illustrates the first century of Toastmasters International.

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A century ago, Ralph Smedley launched his visionary idea to help individuals develop speaking skills and nurture their self-confidence. Learn how his simple concept—to teach people communication and leadership skills in an experiential learning setting—grew from a single club into the global communication powerhouse that it is today.

Confident Voices explores the people, events, and stories that shaped Toastmasters International in this decade-by-decade analysis, including fascinating highlights:

  • How the education program evolved from a simple pamphlet to a robust digital learning program
  • The enduring spirit of prisoner-of-war clubs in WWII and the Vietnam War
  • How one magazine article ignited growth around the world
  • The explosion of club growth in Asia
  • And so much more!

Trace the resilient journey of an organization that has touched millions of lives in nearly 150 countries. Learn how the organization navigated through wars, economic challenges, seismic societal shifts, the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. Through it all, discover the remarkable achievements and universal spirit that bind Toastmasters members across diverse cultures and continents.

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Centennial products

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