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Evaluate to Motivate (Digital)

Evaluate to Motivate

Part of The Successful Club Series. Give an evaluation that benefits the speaker and the audience! Includes an outline and a PowerPoint presentation.
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Evaluation and Assessment Webinar

This is the PowerPoint for the Evaluation and Assessment webinar.
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Evaluation Contest Judges Guide and Ballot

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Evaluation Contest Tiebreaking Judges Guide and Ballot

Evaluation Contest Tiebreaking Judge's Guide and Ballot includes forms used by Evaluation Contest judges when there is a tie.
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Evaluation Contestant Notes

Official note sheet for contestants to use during the Evaluation Speech Contest.

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Evaluation Speech Contest (Digital) Kit

Evaluation Speech Contest Kit

Supplies for conducting an Evaluation Contest. Contains enough materials for five contestants and ten judges.
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Expanding Your Horizons (Digital)

Expanding Your Horizons

This brochure contains information and descriptions of exercises and contents for each of the Success Leadership and Success Communication programs. Download manual
Features Benefits Values

Features, Benefits and Value

Chart showing the benefit of Toastmasters to corporations.  To be printed out and handed to Human Resources representatives, used at tradeshows, etc.
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