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New World Champion of Public Speaking!

In Manoj Vasudevan’s winning speech, “Pull Less, Bend More,” he talks about problems he’s had in relationships and shares his strategy on how to overcome them. Of his wife he says, “Even when we argue, we still hold hands.”

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Members Say Pathways is “A Breath of Fresh Air” in New Testimonial Video

Watch members share their experiences with Pathways – Toastmasters’ new education program. Available online and in printed materials, it offers flexibility and dynamic projects that teach real-world, transferable skills.

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Toastmasters Member Testimonials

New! Prospective Member Flier and Club Invitation

Get prospects excited about attending your club meetings with the Prospective Member Flier and Club Meeting Invitation. Each have been redesigned and are available online.

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Toastmasters Member Testimonials

New Translated Materials

How to Build a Toastmasters Club (Item 121) has been translated into all eight languages! This comprehensive step-by-step guide covers important questions on how to start a club. Download the digital copy from the Resource Library under the categories of Starting a Club and Translations.

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Toastmasters Member Testimonials

Corporate Clubs on the Rise

Did you know more than half of all Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Bank of America and Harley-Davidson, now offer in-house Toastmasters clubs to help employees become better communicators and leaders? During the past year, nearly 700 new corporate Toastmasters clubs were chartered. If you think your company could benefit from an onsite club, contact

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Toastmasters Member Testimonials

New Online Photo Gallery Shows Members Having Fun

Member Connections, the Toastmaster magazine’s new online photo gallery, was recently launched to rave reviews. It features club and member photos capturing fun moments and memories.

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Toastmasters Podcast #134: Meera Manek — Speechwriting, Communication and Stand-Up Comedy

Podcast 134

Meera Manek is a Kenyan-born, of Indian descent, speechwriting coach, meeting facilitator, trainer, realtor and stand-up comedian who moved to California from Nairobi at age 7 and joined Toastmasters at age 18. Manek is featured in the Q & A section of the March 2018 issue of the Toastmaster.

In this episode, Manek joins Greg and Ryan to discuss how being a Toastmaster made her better at her craft, and how she approaches her work like a doctor.

Toastmasters Podcast #133: Manoj Vasudevan — 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking

Podcast 133

On Friday evening August 25, 2017, Manoj Vasudevan of Singapore, District 80, became the 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking. His contest speech, "Pull Less, Bend More" was delivered to an audience of nearly 2,500 people from around the world during the finals of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Toastmasters Podcast #132: Turning Trauma into Triumph — John Mabry

Pod 132

As a college senior, John Mabry was involved in tragic car crash that killed one of his close friends, and resulted in a partial amputation of one of his legs. Mabry subsequently struggled with depression, addiction, and PTSD for more than a decade. Mabry is featured in the November 2017 issue of the Toastmaster.

Now a Toastmaster, Mabry works as a director at a substance abuse treatment center, and hosts High Sobriety a weekly podcast featuring high-profile recovery advocates including musicians, models, authors, doctors and celebrities.

To see the full archive of podcasts, please visit The Toastmasters Podcast.