The Toastmaster magazine prizes originality, depth of research, timeliness and excellence of expression. The magazine accepts unsolicited article submissions via email. All articles are subject to editing for length and/or clarity. Articles and photos may be published in print and digital versions. Due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot provide individualized feedback.

Writer Guidelines

All submissions must:

  • Be sent via email
  • Include name, address and (if applicable) club affiliation
  • Be written in clear and concise English
  • Feature topics relevant to an international audience
  • Include compelling anecdotes and/or examples
  • Offer verifiable sources and/or quotes from experts
  • Avoid political or religious slants

General Submissions

For general article submissions, please complete and attach the article submission form.  Aside from select department submissions (see below) the Toastmaster does not accept completed article submissions. General submissions can be sent to

Letters, Meet My Mentor and Member Moment
The magazine accepts 200-word submissions for the following sections:

My Turn
Completed article submissions for the My Turn column can be sent to

  • Send complete articles only
  • Articles must be within 700 words

Member Success Story or Portrait of a Toastmaster
The magazine accepts 300-word articles about yourself or another member's success in Toastmasters. Please also send a high-resolution photo, 1MB or larger, with your submission. 

Photos and Videos

All photo submissions including Snapshot and Traveling Toastmaster and video submissions can be sent to Each email is limited to 25 megabytes (25MB). If your files are too large, please attach in separate email messages or send via Dropbox.

All photos and videos picturing Toastmasters materials (banners, lecterns, badges, etc.) must be of updated materials according to current branding guidelines. No photos or videos with explicit material will be accepted. All photos and videos are subject to review.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Photos must be in .jpg format
  • Photos must be at a resolution of 300dpi or least one megabyte (1MB) or larger in file size
  • Photos must be of clear images. The Toastmaster magazine will not print blurry photos
  • Include your contact information, club name, location where the image was taken, and a caption for each image

Video Guidelines:

  • Videos must be in .mp4 format
  • Videos are preferred at 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution
  • Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes in duration
  • Videos must be shot in landscape/horizontal mode
  • Videos must be shot in good lighting with quality sound and have stable footage (overly shaky camera footage will not be accepted)
  • Include your contact information, club name, location where video was taken and a caption for your video

By submitting photos and videos, you authorize Toastmasters International to publish any or all photos in the printed Toastmaster magazine and any and all photos and videos electronically in the digital magazine and/or on the Toastmasters website and social media platforms.