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2016 World Championship of Public Speaking® Winners


Congratulations to Darren Tay Wen Jie of Singapore, District 80, on becoming the 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking.


Congratulations to Aaron Beverly of Pennsylvania, District 18, on finishing in second place.


Congratulations to Josephine Lee of Founders District in California, on finishing in third place.

Congratulations to Darren LaCroix, ATM, of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, ACS, ALB, of Irvine, California, on joining the exclusive list of Accredited Speakers at the 2016 International Convention.

Meeting Minutes

To read about the recent actions of the Board of Directors, please visit the meeting minutes page.

Catch the Convention on Demand!

Relive the 85th Annual Toastmasters International Convention, which took place on August 17–20 in Washington, D.C.

Online Clubs Connect Members Remotely

Toastmasters International is now accepting online clubs. New clubs can charter as an online club effective March 22, 2016 (see the meeting minutes for details). These clubs will:

  • Meet online
  • Be undistricted
  • Independently determine their preferred technology platform and be responsible for ensuring access for members, at the club’s expense

Online club members will have the opportunity to practice personal and professional online video communication skills through the use of technology in a safe and comfortable environment. In an online club, you can:

  • Be located anywhere
  • Connect and network with other members through the use of technology

Additional information regarding online clubs can be found in the FAQs, Things to Consider Before Starting an Online Club, and the Protocol Modifications document.

Dues Increase Effective October 1, 2016

By every measure, Toastmasters International is at the most successful point in our 92-year history. Membership is the highest it’s ever been—more than 345,000 individuals currently participate—and members receive the most comprehensive and high-quality service the organization has ever offered.

To sustain this success we must continue to improve and modernize the member experience. This involves taking the necessary steps to meet your needs, enhance the organization’s efforts related to club excellence and bolster member engagement and achievement.

To achieve these objectives, we must invest in the initiatives laid out in the Board of Directors’ 2015 Strategic Plan. These initiatives include upgrading our infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing organization, revitalizing our education program and expanding our technology; particularly our digital offerings.

Although the organization is financially strong, these investments in our future are forecasted to increase annual expenses over annual revenues. The Board of Directors, acting to ensure the organization’s ongoing financial health as well as the highest quality in member services and support, made the decision to increase membership dues. Beginning in October 2016, individual members’ dues will increase to US $45.00 each semiannual period. This is equivalent to US $7.50 per month.

Toastmasters continues to be the best value in communication and leadership development you can find. The benefits of this increased funding will enhance the member experience for years to come and empower current and future members to achieve their personal and professional goals.

For more information, please visit the Dues Increase FAQ.

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