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PR Corner

What is Public Relations?
Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

Public Relations Goals in Toastmasters
As the Public Relations Officer (PRO) or Vice President Public Relations (VPPR) your responsibility is to generate positive awareness of the Toastmasters brand for the purpose of attracting and retaining members. It requires keeping the public (external audience) and members (internal audience) informed about club or district activities through effective communication channels and media relations. Good PR will build membership and gain public recognition.

Public Relations Information and Tools
Below is a list of important PR tools and resources to help you promote your club and/or district and its members.

Let the World Know
(item 1140) provides everything you need to know about conducting PR in Toastmasters, including contacting the news media.

Sample News Releases
: A variety of fill-in-the-blank news releases are available for you to download.

Newsletter Templates
: Basic and free templates designed to look great on major email applications and mobile devices.

Social Networking
will help your club and/or district become more visible across the Web.

Media Center
: A one-stop source for information about the organization. It includes organizational news releases, news coverage, an electronic media kit and a multimedia library with access to the Toastmasters official podcast, photos and videos (including PSAs).

M/PR Newsletter
: A quarterly publication that offers advice about marketing and public relations. It includes timely articles, trends and tips.

is a monthly publication that explores the topics of leadership and communication.

Brand Portal
is your convenient resource for brand information. Here you can download logos, graphic elements, stationery, photos, marketing materials, club and district website design guidelines and other resources for your club and district.

For more information, email or call 949-858-8255 and ask for a member of the PR team.