The Wow!Factor Project

The Wow!Factor Project

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Squatting Figure Icon 1. On your mark…
Clubs should begin by doing a deep analysis. Be proud of accomplishments but be realistic about what needs tweaking. Find the gaps and areas of weakness during the first month.

Crouch Run Figure Icon 2. Get set…
Next, fill in the gaps during the second month, striving to be ‘the best club possible.’ Hold open houses and recruit new members.

Running Figure Icon 3. Go!
By the third month, clubs should be in full force to pump up their wow factor! Get members to think and say “wow!” when they attend a meeting.

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Targets to hit:

  • Re-assess Toastmasters goals.
  • Improve club experience to meet goals.
  • Promote club mission to share membership benefits.
  • Publicize when and where clubs meet.
  • Retain members by supporting personal and professional goals.
  • Recruit new members through open houses.

Assess your goals:

  • Is your club a good example of The Wow!Factor Project and how can you improve?
  • Are you personally an example of The Wow!Factor and how can you take it up a notch?
  • What sets your club apart from other clubs?
  • Take a poll—what are the “wows” of your club, according to members?
  • Which Toastmasters tools/modules have you utilized to wow members?

Utilize tools and resources

to improve meetings and be the best club you can be:

Club Quality Checklist

Evaluate your club with this helpful resource.

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Better Speaker Series

These modules are designed as 10-15-minute educational speeches for your club, offering practical tips to benefit all members.

Learn More   Arrow Icon

Moments of Truth

This brochure outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club and deal with situations critical to club success.

Read More   Arrow Icon

Leadership Excellence Series

A learning set to help members learn the skills they will need to be successful leaders inside and outside of Toastmasters.

Download Set  

New Marketing Materials

Find Your Voice and Your Path to Leadership are essential club marketing brochures in full color.

Explore Materials   Arrow Icon

Successful Club Series

Modules in this series address the quality of club meetings and offer tips on attracting and maintaining members.

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Open House Flier

Use this flier to promote your open houses.

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Wow!Factor Tools Store

Be the best club you can be with customized meeting signs, sidewalk signs, banners and more, available for purchase. And check out the free Open House PowerPoint!

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Share your Wow!Factor tips

Help Toastmasters clubs around the world reach their goals.

Follow these three simple steps to participate:

Numeral One
Reflect, analyze and assess your current club experience.

Numeral Two
Write out what makes your club so great and different—in "tips" form.

Numeral Three
Submit by clicking on We're In! and filling out the form.

Consider these examples:

WowFactor Tip 1
WowFactor Tip 2
WowFactor Tip 3

Want to know more about Wow!Factor? Please see the FAQ page.