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All About Toastmasters

All About Toastmasters

This full-color brochure outlines how Toastmasters works and the benefits of becoming a member. Use this marketing material to help explain the Toastmasters process and recruit new members. Available in A4 and letter size.

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Club Growth Director Handbook

Club Growth Director Handbook

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing the Club Growth Director's role, responsibilities and goals.

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Club Growth Director Resources

These files include:

To download CGD Checklist, click below.

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Corporate Clubs Soft Skills flier

This one-page document identifies the benefits to companies of sponsoring Toastmasters clubs. Include this helpful resource in your corporate club prospecting kit, along with the Develop Your Leaders from Within and All About Toastmasters brochures, Corporate Marketing letter, and the Benefits of Toastmasters and Transform Your Talent fliers. Available in A4 and Letter size.

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Corporate marketing letter

Corporate Marketing Letter

Use this letter to market and introduce Toastmasters to organizations.
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Develop Your Leaders From Within

Develop Your Leaders From Within PowerPoint

A PowerPoint designed to be presented to key decision makers within a company explaining the value and key benefits Toastmasters clubs can bring to their employees and organization as a whole.

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Find Your Voice-PT99

Encontre sua Voz (PT99)

Este folheto a cores é material de marketing essencial para os clubes. Ele explica como o Toastmasters ajuda a melhorar as competências de comunicação, os benefícios de ser associado e descreve a experiência de aprendizagem Pathways.

Find Your Voice-SP99

Encuentra tu voz (SP99)

Este folleto a color es material de marketing esencial para los clubes. Explica cómo Toastmasters ayuda a mejorar las habilidades de comunicación, los beneficios de ser socio y describe la experiencia de aprendizaje de Pathways.

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