July 2018

Help Shape the Future of Toastmasters

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person placing a paper in a voting box

Every year, members and clubs have the opportunity to vote on important business matters. These votes have a direct impact on the future of Toastmasters International. Refer to this guide to lead your club(s) through the voting process so you’re prepared to participate in important elections, including the Annual Business Meeting held on August 25, in Chicago, Illinois.

Club Voting Procedures

Each club should hold a vote to determine how their ballot will be cast at the Annual Business Meeting. Here are some rules for club voting:

  • For any club business or voting to be officially recognized, a quorum, or minimum number of members, is required to be present. The quorum for Toastmasters clubs is a simple majority of active club members. Likewise, the quorum for a club’s executive committee is a simple majority of committee members.
  • Each active member is entitled to one vote on any matter presented before the club membership for a vote.
  • Proxy voting or absentee ballots are not permitted during the club voting process.
  • A simple majority vote by all present and active members is all that is required to pass a proposed item.

Voting at the Annual Business Meeting

Clubs in good standing may cast two (2) votes at the Annual Business Meeting for international officer and director elections as well as Proposal A to amend the Bylaws of Toastmasters International. Follow these steps to prepare your club to vote:

  • Encourage members to learn more about the candidates and the proposed amendment.
  • Organize a discussion at an upcoming meeting about the support of Proposal A and which candidates best meet the needs of Toastmasters International.
  • Vote to determine how the club’s two votes will be cast at the Annual Business Meeting for each election and proposal.
  • Designate the club president or secretary to enter the club’s voting decisions online in Club Central.
    • If the club decides to split their votes, click on both candidates’ names on the dropdown box.
    • To vote for floor candidates, choose “Floor Candidate” from the dropdown box and type in their name.

Designating a Proxyholder

All clubs must designate a proxy to vote. You can designate an active member of your club, an active member of another club or a district director.

Follow these steps for proxyholders:

  • Proxyholders will vote in the manner a club designates.
  • To assign the club votes, go to Club Central, log in, choose the club(s) you are assigning proxies for and click on Club Proxy.
  • Once at the convention, proxyholders must visit Credentials and obtain an electronic voting device no later than August 23 at 6 p.m. and must be present at the Annual Business Meeting to cast their votes.

More information on proxy voting will be emailed to club presidents, secretaries and liaisons this month.

Use these guidelines to help ensure a smooth voting process. If you have any questions, please email us.

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