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Toastmasters International-No Joke: Engaging Your Audience Like a Clown (Not the Creepy Kind)

No Joke: Engaging Your Audience Like a Clown (Not the Creepy Kind)

Live and Livestreamed: Friday, August 18, 11:15 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)/Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -4

Speaker Showcase in-person: Friday, August 18, 12 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)/Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -4

Session Description

It’s harder than ever to connect with your audience; today, you need to engage like a professional, and this workshop will show you how. Packed with real-world anecdotes from under the spotlight, this crash course in Secrets of Clown Presence will give you actionable tips to supercharge your audience connection that you definitely won’t find in the Pathways learning experience! No nose required!

Top 3 Takeaways

  • Discover four techniques for audience engagement (wake ‘em up and keep ‘em focused on your message).
  • Learn three methods to add humor to your presentation so your audience can’t wait to hear what you have to say next (even if you’re not “funny”).
  • Find out two exercises to build audience awareness, warmth, and charisma to get folks leaning forward in their seats.


Don Colliver

Don Colliver Teacher, speaker, author, comedian

Don Colliver is a teacher, speaker, author, and comedian with over 25 years of experience passionately engaging audiences and helping them engage with one another through the power of courageous vulnerability, confident authenticity, and the joy of connection. His popular public speaking courses delivered at the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley and around the world have transformed hundreds of nervous speakers into more effective and joyful communicators.

Colliver toured internationally as a theatrical clown for contemporary circus company Spiegelworld and performed with the Blue Man Group. He is listed in the Cirque du Soleil performer database and won the 2017 Toastmasters International District 1 Tall Tales Speech Contest. He also writes and delivers presentations at industry conferences for companies including Adobe, Cisco, and Medtronic.

Colliver recently released a bestselling book entitled, Wink: Transforming Public Speaking with Clown Presence and has been featured as a public speaking expert as a guest on over 30 podcasts.

Learn more about him through his website: You can also listen to his Toastmasters Podcast episode and read his articles in Toastmaster magazine, Clowning Around: Discover three easy techniques for adding some good-natured fun to your presentation, and 3, 2, 1—Engage! A Clown Shares 4 Tips to Engage Your Audience.

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