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Toastmasters International-Education Sessions

Education Sessions

Four learning opportunities across four tracks—join some or all

  • Public Speaking Track
  • Professional Development Track
  • Personal Growth Track
  • Inclusive Excellence Track

Two people talking

Engaging the Post-COVID Audience Through Real Human Connections

Remote work and an over-dependence on communicating through…

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Brain with a heart in it

The Phenomenon of Impostor Syndrome and Mental Health

Are you struggling with impostor syndrome? Do you ever doubt your success…

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Tongue Fu!

Learn how to respond diplomatically in sensitive situations…

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Three C's

The Three C's for Managing Unconscious Bias

Delve into the intricacies of unconscious bias, uncovering the root…

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Speechwriters Panel

Join Toastmasters International's esteemed panel of World Champions…

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Mic Drop: How Storytelling Can Take Your Career to New Heights in a Hybrid World

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Embrace Your Culture, Fast-Track Your Career

Most of us try to fit in, we aspire for a simple, happy life without too many hurdles…

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Your Story: Made to Order

Learn what it takes to build structure and skills when telling a story…

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5 stars

The Internal Combustion Engine of Leadership

Mo Barrett will explain how to make the important decisions more effective, intentional, powerful.

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Situational Leadership: Meeting Your Teammates Where They Are

Leading diverse teams and personalities in today’s changing work…

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The Impact of Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership encourages diversity and is proven to make teams…

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Level Up Your Influence with Storytelling

Have you ever wanted to be more confident when communicating in the…

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Aim Higher, Do More, and Become More—Through Mentorship

In this session, Dr. Stanley Mwenda Aruyaru will explain the origin of mentorship, highlight…

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Is Leadership For You?

This panel discussion provides personal accounts of lessons learned through leadership…

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Including Disabilities in the Inclusion and Diversity Conversation

Gain insight on how to include disabilities in the diversity, equity,…

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