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2021 International Speech Contest Semifinals

The Toastmasters International Speech Contest Semifinals, which will take place as part of the 2021 International Convention, lead up to the World Championship of Public Speaking®. Competition begins at the club level and proceeds through the Area, Division, District, and region quarterfinal levels. The top two contestants from each region quarterfinal advance to the semifinals. Regions are randomly assigned to the four semifinal contests.

The top two contestants from each semifinal contest advance to the World Championship of Public Speaking at the Toastmasters International Convention. The top two contestants from each semifinal are listed below, in no particular order.


Semifinal 1

1 Tricia Phipps, District 21 Errol Leandre
Verity Price
3 Lisa Traugott, District 55
4 Job Mogire, District 22
8 Errol Leandre, District 47
11 Verity Price, District 74
12 Colton Stollenmaier, District 90
14 Eunice Jimenez, District 75

Semifinal 2

2 Joe Peach Graves, District 49 Roger Caesar
Kin Ng

5 Samantha Smith, District 56
6 Roger Caesar, District 86
7 Reiko Masui, District 29
9 Vimal Pradeep, District 119
10 Kyle Murtagh, District 71
13 Kin Ng, District 80

Semifinal 3

3 Kimberly Manning, District 16 Isidro Sousa
Nitay-Yair Levi
4 Matthew Fox, District 42
8 Fernando Soto, District 44
10 Isidro Sousa, District 107
11 Nisha Shivram, District 116
12 Nitay-Yair Levi, District 70
13 Dilan Joseph, District 82

Semifinal 4


1 Doug Shannon, District 57 Stephen D. Chin
Darryl Pace
2 Stephen D. Chin, District 4
5 Kory Thomas May, District 19
6 Darryl Pace, District 63
7 Bertram Reed, District 36
9 Alexandra Shirokova, District 61
14 Elva Guo, District 118

*There were no disqualifications for failure to meet video recording requirements across all regions.

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