Sandra McDowell

Sandra McDowell

Sandra McDowell, MA, CEC, PCC,
Leadership Expert, Speaker

Sandra McDowell, MA, CEC, PCC, is a sought-after speaker and facilitator on the topic of leading with the brain in mind. Sandra has extensive communication, executive coaching, and leadership experience, and she has been the driving force behind increased engagement and leadership capacity in her executive role within the financial services industry.

She holds a master’s degree in leadership, a Certified Executive Coach (PCC) designation and a certificate in neuroleadership. Sandra is a past recipient of both a national and international young leader award.

She is the founder of the eight-week online eLeadership Academy, offered internationally to those looking to grow their leadership knowledge and impact. Sandra advocates that leadership is everyone’s responsibility, and she published her first book this year, Your Mother Was Right: 12 Rules for Leading with the Brain in Mind.

Neuroleadership: Leading With the Brain in Mind

Friday, August 25
11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Neuroscience has revealed many new insights into human nature and behavior over the past decade. The implications of this new research are particularly relevant for organizational leaders. It is now clear that human behavior doesn’t always work the way a lot of leaders think it does. Neuroscience, and a new discipline called Neuroleadership, helps explain why many leadership efforts and organizational change initiatives are unsuccessful. In this illuminating session, participants will learn about the conditions which support and derail leadership intentions, along with strategies to support effective leadership and sustainable change, including:

  • How distractions can negatively impact their performance as leaders, and how self-awareness and focus can increase effectiveness
  • How to harness the social brain for teamwork and collaboration
  • How to harness the brain for improved productivity, communication, and overall well-being