Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter
World Champion of Public Speaking, Leadership Expert

Mark Hunter, DTM, 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking, has held leadership positions for more than 40 years. He grew up in Queensland, Australia, where he had a water skiing accident in 1975, and has since used a wheelchair. Mark is a strong advocate for people with disabilities, particularly disabled children. He has persisted when times were tough and persevered when those around him would have had him do otherwise.

In 2015, without any legal training, he successfully prosecuted, on his own, the Queensland Government for discrimination. Mark is both an optimist and a risk taker, and is driven by his personal values. He has travelled the world, delivering training and presentations. Mark is passionate about life and lives it accordingly.

His interests include writing and growing bonsai trees. Mark has been a Toastmaster for more than 20 years, where he has held a number of leadership positions. For the past several years, he presents leadership skills workshops to Toastmasters in his and other districts.

Leadership Workshop | PETS

Wednesday, August 23
4–5 p.m.

President Elect Training Sessions (PETS) is a six-hour program designed by leaders in District 69 to complement club officer training. It provides additional education in a range of leadership skills to illustrate that anyone can take a leadership role in their club. In this modified, one-hour workshop, which leverages the PETS model and content, you’ll learn:

  1. The impact of understanding individual and organizational purpose
  2. Self-awareness as a leader
  3. Differences between masculine and feminine communication styles
  4. How to effectively lead introverts and extroverts
  5. Being assertive, not aggressive in your leadership

The Voice of the Bonsai—A Conversation on Leadership

Thursday, August 24
8–9 a.m.

There is much to be gained from the world of nature, and when we interact with this world at an intimate level, we can achieve greater insight into many aspects of our lives. Mark’s work with his bonsais has led him to draw leadership lessons from the relationship between the bonsai master and the trees in his or her care. In this unique presentation, Mark will:

  • Invite you to suspend your judgment and be curious about the concept of listening to his trees and what they can teach us, keeping in mind that there is no other tree that is more loved, than a bonsai
  • Share his conversations with a number of bonsai trees
  • After each conversation, Mark will draw out ideas on leadership including values, loss, and discernment. These ideas or thoughts are relevant to leadership within Toastmasters, the workplace and life itself.