Diane Ciotta

Diane Ciotta

Diane Ciotta
Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur

Diane Ciotta is a professional keynote speaker and entrepreneur. After a dozen years in sales and sales management, she followed her entrepreneurial instincts and established Training Classics in 1989, a sales refinement company committed to teaching integrity-based techniques. She has impacted countless sales professionals around the country through her high-energy skills enhancement seminars.

As a result of her positive influence and numerous requests for keynote speeches, she broadened her focus outside the proverbial sales training box. She now offers keynotes with a strong and sincere message of integrity and accountability

Diane’s philosophies for success have been published in magazines and online. She co-authored her first book with renowned motivational speaker Brian Tracy with a message on conquering complacency. She has since published her own book, Shut-up & Sell! Diane was born, raised and still proudly resides in central New Jersey.

Life is Like a Sales Call

Friday, August 25
5–6 p.m.

When we find ourselves competing, lobbying or negotiating for something we would like to have, see or do, it is best to look at life as if it were a sales call. A key philosophy in sales is to sell from your heart—not from your head. By building relationships, defining needs and presenting benefits in any scenario, we will increase our odds of attaining personal victories just as true sales professionals must do to achieve career success. This informative session will teach you:

  • Ways to initiate productive activity with confidence to enhance opportunities
  • Why focusing on meeting the needs of others ultimately fulfills personal desires
  • How anticipating opposition will help prepare you to respectfully and effectively address it

First impressions truly are lasting ones, our attitude does determine our results and integrity always speaks louder than words…in selling and in life!