Rules for Multiple Education Awards

You must complete all of the requirements each time you receive an award.

This means that in order to receive a second Distinguished Toastmaster award, you must complete all of the following awards again: Competent Communicator, Advanced Communication Bronze, Advanced Communicator Silver, Advanced Communicator Gold, Competent Leadership, Advanced Leader Bronze and Advanced Leader Silver. However, you don't have to complete your first award before you begin working on a second one.

Example: You are permitted to start working on a second Advanced Communicator Bronze award before you finish your first. However, you must first complete a second Competent Communicator award before you can receive your second Advanced Communicator Bronze award.

Note: Only one award of each type per member per club per Toastmasters year is counted for credit in the Distinguished Club Program.


Each time you complete the series of awards in the Communication Track, you must complete two new Advanced Communication Series manuals for each award.

This means that each time you earn your Advanced Communicator Gold award, you will have completed six different Advanced Communication Series manuals—two for Advanced Communicator Bronze, two for Advanced Communicator Silver and two for Advanced Communicator Gold.


When you repeat an award in the Communication Track, you are permitted to repeat the manuals used for a previously earned communication award.

Example: If you complete The Entertaining Speaker (Item 226A) and Speaking to Inform (Item 226B) for your first Advanced Communicator Bronze award, you may repeat these manuals for credit towards your second Advanced Communicator Bronze or any other communication award that you are repeating.

Note: You cannot use the same Advanced Communication Series manual twice for a single award (Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Communicator Silver, and Advanced Communicator Gold). For example: You cannot complete The Entertaining Speaker (Item 226A) twice for the same Advanced Communicator Bronze award.


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