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Serving Others in Wake of Tragedy

Learn how one member’s experiences in Toastmasters and Rotary changed his life, and others’.
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Reap the Rewards

Find out how you can benefit from Toastmasters and Rotary teaming up.
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A Winning Alliance

Learn more about this alliance that connects and transforms individuals through leadership, service, and personal growth.
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Dual Member, Dual Benefits

Discover how the Toastmasters-Rotary alliance is sparking new learning and leadership opportunities for members of both groups.
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Rotary Alliance PowerPoint Template

Use this 7-slide PowerPoint template to educate and excite Rotary members to join in a local alliance. Get the conversation started!
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Rotary Alliance Email Template

Connect your club with a Rotary club by customizing, then sending, this email template.
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Rotary Alliance Presentation

Deliver this to your club, possibly during club officer training, to explain the goals of the alliance, learn more about Rotary, and share ways to get involved.
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Rotary-Toastmasters Collaboration

There are many ways that Toastmasters, Rotary, and Rotaract members can collaborate at the grassroots level to increase their impact.
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Toastmasters Rotary Brand Guidelines

Use these guidelines when creating materials to promote the Toastmasters Rotary Alliance.
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Toastmasters/Rotary Educational Course Flash Sheet

Use this flash sheet to be more prepared with information for yourself, other Toastmasters members, and for Rotary members who might visit your club. It will help you quickly and easily familiarize yourself with the new Rotary curriculum.
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Benefits of Teaming Up

How the alliance helps members of each organization grow.
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Rotary-Toastmasters Club Connection

Read about Toastmasters clubs started by Rotarians.
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Why Toastmasters Benefits Rotary Clubs

Learn the ways Toastmasters can benefit a Rotary club from one who is a member of both.
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Rotary/Toastmasters News Release

Get the alliance news announcement.
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Find a Rotary Club

Use this link to locate a nearby Rotary club.
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Rotary website

Visit the Rotary International website to learn more about this organization.
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