Proposal A

Board Composition

The Board of Directors proposes amendments to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International that would increase the maximum percentage (from 15% to 20%) of Toastmasters Member Clubs that could compose one (1) region. If approved, the size of the Board would remain the same. However, instead of one (1) International Director serving each of 14 regions, two (2) International Directors would serve each of seven (7) regions. The International Directors would serve staggered two-year terms per region to promote continuity of knowledge on the Board of Directors for each region. In addition, the International Leadership Committee (ILC) will potentially have a larger pool of candidates per region to evaluate.

Prospective candidates would no longer have to wait for their home region to have an open International Director position up for election. An International Director would be elected from every region each year.

International Leadership Committee

If this proposal is approved, the policy that governs the composition of the International Leadership Committee would be updated correspondingly so the ILC structure continues to mirror that of the Board of Directors. There will be two (2) committee members from each region serving staggered terms on the committee.

Maximum Percentage of Member Clubs per Region

The Bylaws of Toastmasters International, Article V, Section 4.h., assigns to the Board of Directors the responsibility to “divide that territory in which Member Clubs are located into geographic regions, as nearly as possible equal in number of clubs after giving proper consideration to potential growth of the organization.” Under the current 14-region model, the maximum amount of Member Clubs that may compose a region can be no more than 15% of the total Member Clubs. The proposed increase to 20% per region would accommodate a seven-region model and also provide proper consideration to potential growth of the organization.