Member Spotlight: Love, Toastmasters and Everything In Between

Tom Green, ACB, and Dolly Green, DTM

Journey began in 2002

My Club

Monroe Vocal Project Club
Club Number:
Monroe, WA, United States, District: 02
Meeting Time:
Thursday 6:00 pm

"I have been a natural leader most of my life, so the opportunity to learn new aspects of leadership was helpful."

Journey Highlights: Tom

  • Winning a Table Topics award in Saudi Arabia
  • Visiting the Dhahran Toastmasters club

Journey Highlights: Dolly

  • Earning my DTM
  • Receiving the Toastmaster of the Year award

Over the last six decades of marriage, we have held careers in business, including running a blueberry farm for 35 years. We’ve volunteered in our community, traveled to more than 30 countries and served as leaders in Toastmasters. We are members of the Monroe Vocal Project club in Monroe, Washington.

Dolly: Tom joined Toastmasters first as a founding member of Early Words Club in Sultan, Washington, in 2002. I fought joining, thinking I was already an okay speaker, but I finally gave in. We both helped start the Monroe Vocal Project club in 2003, and I was the club’s coach. After joining, I discovered how much better of a speaker and leader I could become.

Tom: I was a Sultan school board member for four years. Since becoming a Toastmaster I have found that I am more assertive when required and more confident in defending my position. Dolly: I have been a natural leader most of my life, so the opportunity to learn new aspects of leadership was helpful. As coordinator for the Adopt-A-Street program in Sultan, I lead about 30 volunteers who help keep approximately 12 miles of Sultan’s 16 miles of streets clear of trash and debris. Working with groups in Toastmasters gave me a good foundation for that. I love our town, so it has been a blessing to volunteer to help make it better. We are also elders in our church, and I have been teaching a women's Bible study group for 40 years.

Dolly: We were both on the board of the International Fellowship in Kenya. We love traveling and seeing other cultures. We've had some amazing experiences with people in other lands. Tom: Traveling off the beaten path is an adventure. Overcoming a language barrier is a real challenge requiring quick thinking, much like Table Topics. Sometimes pantomiming helps, much like using body language in Toastmasters.