Member Spotlight: Artistry as an Elixir for Development

Susanne Byström

Journey began in 2012

My Club

Boras Toastmasters Club
Club Number:
Borås, Västra Götaland, Sweden, District: 95
Meeting Time:
Tuesday, every odd week 6:00 pm

"I have learned to reach out effectively to deliver my message by using my voice and body language."

Journey Highlights:

  • Giving my Ice Breaker
  • Earning a Competent Communicator award
  • Being nominated for, and published in, the book 101 Artistic Toastmasters by Toastmaster Armando Cristofori.

Throughout my life I have feared making presentations in front of groups. In 2012, in my home country of Sweden, I was introduced to Toastmasters by a friend and member of the Boras Toastmasters club, and decided to join. I enjoy its easy-going atmosphere and all the loving people—they greet each other with hugs. I’m grateful for the skills I am developing at the club, and for the new friends I am making.

Through Toastmasters, I’ve been able to continually develop the art of speaking and leadership. In addition to easing my fear of speaking in public, I have learned to reach out effectively to deliver my message by using my voice and body language. The skills have helped me as a lecturer on personal development, in pastoral counseling training and as a volunteer for associations for women.

I began my career in the healthcare field, and shortly after making a career change, I chose to take some time off and found peace and new strength through my biggest passion—art. I create art as a way to heal—it’s a valve to let it all out. I call my art “energy art,” because I believe that the intent of my paintings or sculpture is felt. My artistry has been an elixir for my development.

It’s always exciting to meet new people through Toastmasters, and be in contact with members I do not normally associate with. I have been a backpacker, and have traveled for long periods of time visiting many different parts of our amazing world. It’s lovely to find friends through Toastmasters who can give advice and show me around when I do not know anyone in the area.