Member Spotlight

Accredited Speaker Robert Cravalho

Honolulu, Hawaii

Subject Areas

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Interview and Interrogation Techniques
  • Conducting Internal Investigations
  • Negotiations
  • Leadership

Educational and professional background: Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Hawaii; Bachelor of Science Occupational Education in Human Services with a Specialization in Criminal Justice; Graduate of the FBI National Academy; retired Honolulu police officer with over 30 years of experience; currently on the faculty of the Hawaii Pacific University; Managing agent of Hawaiian Island Investigations, LLC;

Special awards or recognition you have received inside and outside of Toastmasters: Past District 49 Governor (2014); Toastmasters Excellence in Education and Training (2013); Toastmasters Excellence in Marketing (2012); Distinguished Toastmaster (2012); Honolulu Police Lieutenant of the Year (2011) Honolulu Police Employee of the Year (1996); FBI Certificate of Merit (2002);

The type of presentations: workshop; lectures;

The audience to which you typically present (business, community, etc.): both businesses and community

What advice do you have for potential Accredited Speaker Program applicants? Robert Tew, Chairman at Newcastle Knights Limited, is quoted saying, "Everything you go through grows you." Going through the Accredited Speaker Progam has sharpened my presentation skills to a much higher degree. The knowledge you will glean from the experience cannot be found in any book, seminar or video. And the best part of the journey: you will learn about yourself. That is priceless.

Available to serve as a mentor for Accredited Speaker Program applicants? Yes!