Rhea Usman

Member Spotlight: The Making of a Leader

Rhea Usman, CC, ALB

Journey began in 2011

“Toastmasters has empowered me by giving me the right tools to grow personally and professionally.”

Journey Highlights:

  • Serving in various leadership positions and forming new clubs
  • Serving as a mentor to new members
  • Winning the “Clubs: Show Off Your Brand!” contest in October 2012 

I learned about Toastmasters when I met a member at a holiday party who invited me to a club meeting. The club’s friendly atmosphere, relaxed setting and supportive members made me want to go back. After attending two more meetings, I decided Toastmasters was something I wanted in my life, and I applied to become a member.

Toastmasters has empowered me by giving me the right tools to grow personally and professionally. I have learned to express myself eloquently, largely due to the positive feedback I have received from fellow club members.

A Toastmasters club is a place where you can be yourself and grow. You can share your stories without the fear of being judged or criticized, and you can grow with the help of like-minded members who are all different in their own way.  Our members bond and we have fun in many ways outside of our club meetings: we dine out, go to the movies, spend time at each other’s homes, have coffee, or work on a public-speaking exercise.

Remarkably, by becoming a better communicator, I have become a better leader. My manager at work recognized my new communication and leadership skills, which earned me new opportunities in my career. And I realized the importance of paying it forward by serving as a mentor to new members. The joy of seeing my fellow members that I mentor rise to their full potential is second to none!

Today, I feel there is no door I cannot unlock, and no challenge I cannot overcome. I thank Toastmasters for this.