pam-mccown Ambassador

Chief Ambassador District 56

Pamela McCown

My Club

Dining Out Toastmasters Club
Club Number:
Houston, TX, United States, District: 56
Meeting Time:
1st Friday of the Month 6:30 pm

District 56

"I am most excited about the competency based learning."

Describe the features of the REP that most excite you
I am most excited about the competency based learning. My father was a Toastmaster and used the "Basic Manual" written by Dr. Ralph Smedley. If you look through that manual, you see that the projects were focused on building core competencies. In the Revitalized Education program, we are getting back to the basics by incorporating the core competencies into every project. Each learning path has visioning, project planning, and leadership opportunities. Unlike the current program where members complete communication OR leadership track projects, the Revitalized Education Program will incorporate communication AND leadership at each level of the program.

What do you like most about being a Chief Ambassador?
I volunteered to serve as a Chief Ambassador in my district to lead the team that gets the word out about this exciting new program. I want to fully understand this new direction of our communication and leadership programs. I am excited about serving the members by explaining how this program will change lives and help to retain members.