Member Spotlight

Accredited Speaker Joe Grondin

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Subject Areas

  • Education
  • Wellness
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership

Educational and professional background: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education; Masters in Teaching and Administration; Principals Certificate Taught all grades; Worked with "At-Risk" youth for ten years; Administrator for five years; Science and Physical Education Subject Coordinator for three years

Special awards or recognition you have received inside and outside of Toastmasters: Accredited Speaker
Two-time World Championships of Public Speaking Finalist
Two-Time Toastmaster of the Year
Garth Wade Career Award for Physical Education

The type of presentations: 

Keynote addresses
Inspirational keynotes for children

What advice do you have for potential Accredited Speaker Program applicants? Be prepared to challenge yourself to reach your potential. The best advice I can offer is to ask for help, learn from your mistakes and never doubt your abilty to achieve this designation. In one word, BELIEVE!

Available to serve as a mentor for Accredited Speaker Program applicants? Yes, definitely.