Member Spotlight

Helen Cartmell Learning Master

Region 12 Learning Master

Helen Cartmell

What is your favorite Toastmasters experience?

"The smile on the face of a 14-year old upon completion of a speech at a Youth Leadership course in 2014. This young man has a brain condition which affects his concentration and ability to retain information. His smile said it all: a sense of fulfilment, achievement and success."

Length of time as a Toastmaster: More than five years, less than 10 years

Highest position held: Area governor

Highest education awards earned: Distinguished Toastmaster

What is your area of expertise? How does your personal and professional experience relate to your Learning Master role? Ex-secondary teacher, National Facilitator for training of secondary teachers for New Zealand national secondary qualification implementation, managment of national secondary assessment in New Zealand (to present). Development and facilitation of professional development programmes for management of secondary examinations.