Cyndi Hanson

Member Spotlight: A Higher Education

Cyndi Hanson, DTM

Journey Began in 2002

My Club

Professionally Speaking Club
Club Number:
Sioux City, IA, United States, District: 19
Meeting Time:
1st Saturday 9:00 am

“At my club, we share our passion for learning, and I feel invigorated every time I participate in a meeting.”

Journey Highlights:

  • Served as an area governor, district secretary and treasurer
  • Completed the High Performance Leadership project
  • Serves as a Learning Master for the Revitalized Education Program

My Toastmasters experience has been addicting and life-changing. Spending time in an environment where everyone is focused on growth produces positive energy. Once you experience that energy, it’s practically impossible to walk away. I have done so much in my life that I don't think I would have, had it not been for Toastmasters.

I joined Toastmasters after completing a master's degree because I wanted to continue to grow and learn. In the past, I wasn’t interested in public speaking because I felt I lacked expertise. Now I speak at professional conferences, and I'm more confident knowing I have a valuable message to share.

I've learned to value my talents in listening and evaluation, and embrace my role as a mentor. Toastmasters helped me recognize that a leader isn't a leader because of a position or title, but because of the action they take.