January 2020

5 Tips for Setting Goals

Be SMART when setting your goals this year and you’re sure to find success.

In most places across the world, a new year is upon us, making for a great time to set new goals or evaluate our progress towards current ones. No matter if your goal is big or small, here are a few helpful tips to ensure you are smarter with your 2020 goal setting.

  1. Write your goals down
    Writing down your goals helps to make them more real and tangible. Instead of keeping your goals in your head, write them down on a piece of paper or in a notebook or journal. Throughout the year, you can reference back to the goals you wrote down to ensure you focus on completing them.
  2. Make your goals visible
    After you write down your goals, post them in your office, bedroom, or workspace for daily reminders on what you are working towards. Having your goals on display can help ensure they are not forgotten about. Plus, having your goals on display can motivate others. When someone sees it, they can be inclined to help you achieve it, or use it as motivation to set their own goals.
  3. Set SMART goals
    As you set your goals, ask yourself if they are SMART. What exactly are SMART goals? They are:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Timely

    Using this method to set goals ensures they are clear, attainable, and meaningful. Following this methodology will lead to more success in following through and accomplishing more this year. For more information on SMART goals, click here.

  4. Think about the big picture
    In a leadership position, you must think about more than just yourself and your personal goals. How will achieving them impact those around you? As you sit down to set your goals, think about this question and make sure accomplishing your objectives won’t negatively affect others.
  5. Modify as you go
    You may find that after you set your goals and work to achieve them, things change. While you may need to update your plan to achieve your goals, or even the change goals themselves, stay focused. Obstacles may slow you down, but don’t let them deter you from accomplishing your objectives.