June 2021 Leader Letter

Club News


Program Year End Deadline — More clubs charter in June than at any other time. To avoid delays and ensure program year credit, submit your new club forms early in the month. If you have questions about starting a club, view the How to Build a Toastmasters Club guide or email the New Clubs Team at newclubs@toastmasters.org.

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Traditional Leadership Awards — We are quickly approaching June 30, which marks the end of the extension for the following traditional education program awards: Leadership Excellence, Advanced Leader Silver, and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Please ensure all qualifying applications are received by the deadline. If you have questions or completed applications to submit, you can email educationprogram@toastmasters.org. Only the traditional Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) will award your club with credit for the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). The deadline for all other traditional education program awards concluded on June 30, 2020. For faster and more convenient processing, you may also submit awards online through Club Central.

Working on Last-Minute Achievements for Your Club? — All submissions for the program year must be received no later than 11:59:59 p.m. Mountain Time on June 30. Submissions received on or after 12:00:00 a.m. Mountain Time on July 1 will be applied to the 2021-2022 Program Year. Additional explanations of deadlines and submitting documents to World Headquarters are outlined in the Distinguished Club Program Manual.

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New Club Officer Training — We are excited to announce the creation of seven new Club Officer and Area Director Training sessions! These sessions cover critical topics to help your club succeed, including marketing, member engagement and retention, and quality club meetings. More information, including all materials needed to run these training sessions, can be found here.

Customizable Club Zoom Background — Customize this Zoom background to show your club pride! Add your club’s name and use this Zoom background when visiting other clubs or to to impress guests who attend your club’s meeting.

Brand Manual Update — The Brand Manual has been updated to add guidelines on gradients and other details. If you are looking to create your own Toastmasters-branded materials, refer to the manual to remain brand compliant.

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Keep Your Club Healthy — On the road to good health, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so says the old adage. Is your club in need of a check-up? Ask these five questions as you assess the health of your club.

Counting on the Ah-Counter — The Ah-Counter is one of the most valuable roles in a Toastmasters meeting, and clubs around the world have some intriguing ways of the taking it beyond scorekeeper. In this article, discover effective strategies for monitoring filler words and sounds and learn how to make the most of this pivotal meeting role.

How to Build a Speech — Do you need help writing your next speech, or know someone in your club who might be struggling with structure or word choice? Share this article so they can use it as a guide to master the art and technique of crafting speeches.

Speak the Language, Speak the Culture — Speaking in a non-native language can be intimidating, but it can be beneficial as well. Read advice from bilingual public speakers and discover tips for how to have fun with foreign languages.

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Thank You, Outgoing Officers! — Congratulations to club officers for a successful 2020-2021 program year. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and the inspiration you have given to your club’s members and other leaders. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated by members, fellow leaders, and Toastmasters International. We hope the challenges you faced this year have made you a better and stronger leader.

Online Meetings Update — Thank you to the clubs and Districts who have continued to meet online during these uncertain times. As a reminder, in accordance with the Board of Director's decision, you may continue to meet exclusively online until further notice. We will continue to monitor the effects of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and will inform you of any updates to this exception.

Grow Your Club — A great way to add new members to your club is by participating in Beat the Clock membership-building program, which features a unique recognition ribbon and 10% off your next club order. To qualify, your club must add five new, dual, or reinstated members to the club and pay membership dues. Please note that these members must join between May 1 and June 30 to qualify.

Region Quarterfinals Underway — The 2020-2021 International Speech Contest continues at the region quarterfinal level. Judging for each region will begin as soon as all Districts in that region have submitted video of their District-level contest. Results from each region will be announced by early July. Check back here to see who is representing your region in the International Speech Contest Semifinals.

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Don't Miss Out on Being Distinguished — Each year, clubs miss Distinguished status by not understanding the qualifying requirement. For your club to become Distinguished, ensure it has either 20 paid members or a net growth of five paid members by June 30. A net growth occurs when the total members at year-end, June 30, exceeds the membership base. View page 11 in the Distinguished Club Program Manual for more information or contact the Club and Member Support Team at membership@toastmasters.org.

Transfer Members and the DCP — As we approach the end of the program year, we would like to remind the club officers that transfer members do not count towards the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). This information can be found in the Distinguished Club Program Manual along with the other DCP requirements.