April 2021 Leader Letter

Club News


Want to Add New Members to Your Club? — Many clubs are embracing the challenge of adding new members in the current pandemic. From Open Houses to encouraging personal referrals from members, clubs use multiple methods to increase their club membership. Recently, the Speechcraft Program has been revitalized to be more engaging for its participants and more comfortable for coordinators to structure. Your club may consider hosting a Speechcraft in your community to increase membership.

Submit Your New Club Documents Early — More clubs charter in May and June than at any other time, so beat the rush and send your new club forms early for timely processing. If you have questions, review the How to Build a Toastmasters Club manual or email newclubs@toastmasters.org.

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Working on last Minute Achievements for Your Club? — All submissions for the program year must be received no later than 11:59:59 p.m. Mountain Time on June 30. Submissions received on or after July 1, 12:00:00 a.m. Mountain Time will be applied to the 2021-2022 Program Year. Additional explanations of deadlines and submitting documents to World Headquarters are outlined in the Distinguished Club Program Manual.

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Resilience in Times of Uncertainty Webinar Recording — Watch this special webinar co-hosted by the American Psychological Association and Toastmasters International to get tips for finding work/life balance, maintaining mechanisms for camaraderie and community, and how best to practice self-care and gratitude. Please share on your club social media channels to spread the resilience.

Use Speechcraft Promotional Video! — Now you can point prospective Speechcrafters and members to this new video that quickly explains the Speechcraft digital experience, highlighting real-life scenarios that could benefit from the practice. Promote the program and share it today!

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From Guest to Member — How many visits are reasonable before you ask a recurring guest to officially join? Some clubs have open-ended polices; others allow a set number of visits before a guest is expected to become a member. In this April Toastmaster article, read different points of views on this topic and how to best guide your guests.

Hybrid Harmony — If your club decides to give hybrid meetings a try, your ideal setup will depend on member preferences, budget, meeting facilities, and the tech aptitudes of members. Find helpful tips and videos on some best practices to allow members on both sides of the camera to have a great experience.

Maximize Your Meeting Role Lineup — From Quiz Masters to Mystery Greeters, some clubs are adding non-traditional roles. If your meeting agenda is starting to feel routine and predictable, adding a custom role or two is a simple way to spice things up. Discover how other clubs are adding their own signature to their meetings.

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2021 International Speech Contest Semifinals — This year, following the region quarterfinal, two contestants from each region will be randomly assigned to one of four International Speech Contest Semifinals, which will be held during the Toastmasters International Convention. The regions for each semifinal have been determined, so be on the lookout for updates regarding who will represent your region!

International Officer and Director Candidates Nominated — The Toastmasters International Leadership Committee has nominated International Officer and Director candidates. Voting will take place as part of the 2021 Annual Business Meeting in August. Find out more by visiting the International Officer Candidates and International Director Candidates webpages.

Welcome 2021–2022 Region Advisors — Be sure to congratulate the newly appointed 2021–2022 Region Advisors. RAs are here to support you in fulfilling the District mission. Learn more about their role here and how your District will benefit by working with your RA.

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Missing Dashboard Submissions — As the program year comes to a close, many clubs and members will diligently review the Distinguished Club Program Dashboards. Please note, there is always a delay at the beginning of each month before the current month's business is reflected on the dashboard. While World Headquarters is working to close all orders received in the prior month, the dashboards will not reflect transactions and updates for the current month. The Month-End Closing Dates webpage lists expected dates for the dashboard to be updated each month, but please note that these dates are tentative and are not guaranteed.

Club Recognition Reminder — Does your club meet the Qualifying Membership Requirement clubs must complete to earn recognition within the Distinguished Club Program? When reviewing the Distinguished Club Program Dashboards, the number of members each club must have on the roster to earn credit is listed in the "Required" box in the upper right-hand portion of the club's specific dashboard. Even if your club has five or more goals, the club must have the required "To-Date" membership to earn its Distinguished Club Program award.