September 2021 Leader Letter

Margaret Page’s Leadership Lessons

Recently elected International President Margaret Page shares stories from her leadership journey.

By Andy Tonge

Leaders aren’t born—they’re made. This adage rings true for even the very best, as new Toastmasters International President Margaret Page can attest to. After nearly two decades in the organization, Page shares stories along the way about her growth as a leader.

As an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of business experience, Page has held leadership positions long before embarking on her Toastmasters journey. Working in a variety of industries and countries, Page seemingly found success everywhere she went.

Eventually, she realized that she needed to conquer her fear of public speaking, leading her to Toastmasters. As she overcame her fears and grew as a public speaker and communicator, she credits Toastmasters for also helping immensely in her leadership growth.

“What I learned in Toastmasters, though, were the people skills. Leadership is about results and relationships—at one time I thought it was more heavily toward results in the business world … but relationships are so much more significant, especially in a volunteer organization.”

Page has always opened herself up to the opportunities life presented her. From her various entrepreneurial activities to her rise through Toastmasters’ leadership, she never shied away from a challenge, instead meeting it with passion and optimism. Her strength to step into the unknown continually provided her the opportunity to grow as a leader.

Her desire to help others and willingness to tackle any challenge has prepared her adequately for her year as International President. Instead of shying away from navigating a global pandemic, Page’s optimism helped spark her to invite fellow leaders to build back stronger. She invites all Toastmasters to join her on October 22, the organization’s 97th anniversary, as a day of celebration and reflection. Page’s experiences made her the leader she is today and she hopes you too can celebrate the experiences that will shape your leadership growth!

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